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The competitive, first-person online shooter Warface: Breakout has only been out a few months and the second season is already here. Season 2, titled ‘Underground’, is a free update that’s just released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, which adds a new map, seasonal rewards, new mechanics, improvements, and – a little further on in the season – cross-play.

The crux of the Warface: Breakout ‘Underground’ update is the ‘Slum District’, a fresh map that takes players through gloomy city streets that have been torn apart by war. It’s tailored to suit various combat styles, thus allowing for mid-range and long-range engagements, close-quarters combat, and presenting plenty of sniper vantage points. So no matter your approach, the slums will offer you something.

‘Underground’ also brings several new mechanics into play, including a progression system, elite challenges, callout pings, and seasonal leaderboards. You can now complete weapon-specific assignments in order to earn rewards like weapon stripes, ranging from bronze to gold, as well as new and exclusive gold weapon skins. This season of Breakout will also introduce the new 3D-ping system, allowing for better communication within a team. This essentially lets you highlight any position on the map with a marker that’s only visible to your team. 

There are new ways to customise the characters too, with victory poses, bomb skins, and brand new weapon stickers, giving you the opportunity to customise the weapons in a bid to stand out a little more during combat. Furthermore, exclusive weapon and character skins can also be found in the Underground Cosmetic Pack for £8.39 on the Xbox Store, which includes exclusive content like the legendary ‘Consigliere’ and ‘Free Rider’ skins for Reapers and Wardens respectively. In addition, it contains the epic ‘Burst’ skin for the AUG A3 Hbar, the epic ‘Gambler’ skin for the PKP Pecheneg, and the Anod knife.

New seasonal events and features are coming beyond the launch of ‘Underground’, as well. That means you can look forward to a Halloween event, while crossplay support is set to launch later this year. Until then, enjoy everything else Warface: Breakout ‘Underground’ has to offer!

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