Free-to-play games have been great for the console audiences, bringing in tons of content with each update whilst remaining as wallet friendly as ever to help keep the masses entertained. Warframe is of course one of those games, and if you’re someone who likes their games with plenty of action then it’s probably one you’ve sunken many hours into, but if you’ve come looking for some more hardcore questing to sink your teeth into, you find a surprise waiting in the latest content drop.

Octavia’s Anthem is that latest content, and the first PC update of 2017 had made its way to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but what exactly does it bring? – Why music of course!

It’s not all notes and keys though, as the new update will be sending the many players of Warframe through an original quest in search of the musically enchanted Octavia Warframe. Along with the Octavia comes the introduction of the easy-to-use instrument known as the Mandachord. This item allows players to compose original songs and synchronize them to their weapons in order to rhythmically dominate the enemy. Of course, whilst using music for destruction is indeed an enlightening use of the art, it isn’t the only use. As well as the destructive power the Mandachord can bring, players can also create musical arrangements with other Tenno and trade songs. Whether you wish to recreate your favourite tunes, or mix and match your own original masterpiece, there’s no doubt the latest update will be something you’ll want to get in on.

Finally, whilst arguably not quite as exciting as the ability to make your own musical pieces, there is also the introduction of two new weapons and a number of skins and helmets for those wanting to keep the action at the focus of their gameplay.

Warframe is available to download and play free on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and with Octavia’s Anthem now available to all players, so what better time to jump back into the experience.

Will you be heading back to Warframe? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

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