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It was only a month ago that we heard the news that the Serbian indie team at Clock Drive Games were due to bring their dark fantasy sword fighter, Warlander, to Xbox One, PS4 and PC later this year. Well, it seems like that launch period has been heavily revised, with the team now pushing the game back to ‘early 2020’.

A highly anticipated sword fighter, Warlander has been delayed due to slight changes in the development phase based on internal testing, with a 2020 release planned. This isn’t however set in stone and until Clock Drive Games confirm a full release date, you can expect to see them implementing more requested features into the gameplay.

“We’re thrilled with the stages of development Warlander has reached and deep internal testing has allowed us to make improvements to the game,” said Goran Rajsic, creative director for Clock Drive Games. “We’re working on revamping the game’s fighting mechanics from a faster arcade-like style to slower, more tactical slashing maneuvers. We want players to act as wise warriors, tactically approaching their enemies, looking for the opportunity to strike them with the killing blow!”

Warlander is going to be the Serbian developers biggest project to date, and with 30 team members in place, chances are the third person action game that combines a bit of story-driven adventure with tactical swordplay will certainly be one to look out for. Even more so now that they’ve promised to build on the previously announced feature set of…

  • Brutal combat system with unique swordplay that’s fun to play yet hard to master
  • Ragdoll physics and mesh slicing giving you the feeling of cutting through real flesh and creating satisfying finishing kills
  • Challenging enemy variety that requires tactical thinking and skillful swordplay
  • Fully voiced storyline with immersive narrative focusing on the dynamic relationship between the hero and his sentient sword.
  • Vivid art and character design
  • RPG character progression with multiple combat abilities and upgrades
  • Explore a dark fantasy world filled with intrigue and danger
  • Replayable gameplay with different skills from skill trees
  • Use the environment itself as a weapon to crush your enemies

Once Clock Drive deliver further news, or a confirmed date of release, we’ll be sure to bring it your way. For now though you could always check out the Steam Page.

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