WARRIORS OROCHI 4 Ultimate xbox

It may have taken KOEI TECMO five years or so to deliver the next installment in the WARRIORS OROCHI series with WARRIORS OROCHI 4 but it seems that they certainly aren’t done there as today the Ultimate Edition has rocked up, pushing on with new stories and game modes.

Released back in October 2018, WARRIORS OROCHI 4 allowed us the chance to wield the power of the gods once more with a game that threw us into a world on the brink of chaos. With more than 170 different characters in place for us to hack and slash with, and a whole ton of lore to embrace throughout, OROCHI 4 certainly had a lot about it.

But today it’s all about the WARRIORS OROCHI 4 Ultimate Edition as KOEI TECMO throw in new exciting story elements that don’t just focus on main objectives but a whole host of side stories as well. And if you thought that was tempting enough then the opportunity to enjoy the brand new – pretty challenging – Infinity Mode too is sure to make this an ever more appealing prospect.

Bringing together the heroes of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors once more, WARRIORS OROCHI 4 Ultimate Edition will finally deliver the truth that fans of the series has been crying out for.

Whether you have previously purchased the base game of OROCHI 4 or are going in green to the world of Odin and his army, the Xbox Store, the PlayStation Store, the PC options and the Nintendo eShop have you sorted. The main Ultimate pack will cost £54.99 but that delivers the base game along with the added extras, whilst the Deluxe Edition will set you back £64.99 and includes a number of additional costumes too. If you just need the extra bits though then these costumes are also available individually as follows:

  • Bonus Costume for Ryu – FREE
  • Special Costume for Hades – £1.69
  • Legendary Costumes OROCHI Pack 4 – £1.19
  • Sacred Treasure ‘World Tree Bident’ – £0.79
  • Legendary Weapons OROCHI Pack 4 – £0.79
  • Special Costume for Yang Jian – £1.69
  • Sacred Treasure ‘Garm’ – £0.79
  • Series BGM Pack – £3.69

What d’ya think? Will you be heading back to WARRIORS OROCHI 4 now that the Ultimate Edition is here? Let us know in the comments and keep an eye out for our full review – it’ll be with you soon.

DLC Description:

The supreme “WARRIORS OROCHI” experience is here! The definitive installment of the “WARRIORS OROCHI 4”, featuring all the content of the WARRIORS OROCHI 4: The Ultimate Upgrade Pack, is available now. Please see the official website for details. https://www.koeitecmoeurope.com/wo4u/ Note: This product features WARRIORS OROCHI 4 base game in a bundle with WARRIORS OROCHI 4: The Ultimate Upgrade Pack. If you already own WARRIORS OROCHI 4, please purchase the WARRIORS OROCHI 4: The Ultimate Upgrade Pack separately instead. This content requires the latest patch update installed before use. A Deluxe Edition is also available. Early Purchase Bonus (for purchases made before Mar.6, 2020) – 4 Bonus Costumes: Gaia + 3 others later (Zhou Yu, Oichi, and Da Ji)

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