Watch Dogs 2 has been with us several months now and has seen plenty of content drops along the way, adding various customisation options to the game with clothing, paintjobs and skins all adding to the experience. Today’s new arrival however, sees the first major story DLC brought into the game, Human Conditions – here’s what it brings to the game.

The new DLC brings several hours of additional story mission content to the game, as biotech takes centre stage in three new World Stories involving science, medicine and misuse. One new mission will see you off uncovering the biggest scandal now hitting the streets of San Francisco, Automata. When TIDIS claims its one-of-a-kind biometric car cannot be hacked, DedSec set out to prove just how wrong they are. Unhackable biometric cars are just the start of things however, and as you look deeper into TIDIS you begin to uncover the dark secrets being hidden away, including their use of personal data, and the value that they have placed on human life.

Another mission will place you in the search for ransomware, the new threat to the city’s hospitals and DedSec’s reputation. Join Marcus and Jordy as you team up to take on the Russian Mafia and recover the ransomware key that holds with it so many innocent lives.

The final mission will see Bio-hacker Lenni uncovering a shady organisation that takes experiments to the homeless in exchange for medicinal care, but will DedSec and Prime_Eight be able to set aside their previous differences to band together to take them down.

Watch Dogs 2 and its many DLCs including Human Conditions are available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Human Conditions is available for £11.99 as a separate purchase on the Xbox Games Store, but will be free to Season Pass holders.

With three World Stories, new Elite Co-op Missions and a new Anti-Hacker enemy type to deal with, players have plenty of things to look forward to, making the return to San Francisco worthwhile. Will you be heading back to the hacking capital of the world? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

DLC Description:

Dive into the dark world of science, medicine, and misuse as biotech takes center stage in 3 new World Stories. Hack your way through several hours of additional mission content, and uncover San Francisco’s biggest scientific scandals: AutomataWhen TIDIS claims its one-of-a-kind biometric car is unhackable, DedSec sets out to prove them wrong. Along the way, they uncover a dark secret about TIDIS, their use of personal data, and the value placed on a human life. Bad MedicineOn the trail of dangerous ransomware that threatens the city’s hospitals and DedSec’s reputation, Marcus and Jordy team up to take on the Russian mafia and recover the ransomware key. Caustic Progress Bio-hacker Lenni discovers a shady organization that’s experimenting on the homeless in exchange for medical care. Will DedSec and Prime_Eight be able to set aside their differences to take them down together?Features:- 3 World Stories- New Elite Co-op Missions- New Anti-Hacker enemy archetype


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