Watch Dogs 2 hasn’t been around that long, but there is already a new content pack available for purchase, and it brings a whole new mission, new cars and more!

Available to download right now is the Watch Dogs 2 Root Access Bundle. Priced at £5.99, this ushers in the Zodiac Killer mission, pushing you to decrypt the messages of a killer, before hunting him down. There are also a couple of new vehicles – the Void Dasher and Peste Negra – one which provides a stealthy getaway whilst the other has been optimised for the fastest of getaways.

But that’s not all as a new decal, outfit and pistol are also included in the pack, giving any would-be hacker an even deeper range of equipment.

Should you wish to grab the Root Access bundle, then you should be heading on over to the Xbox Games Store and getting your download in. We also highly recommend you check out our full review of the game too. If you haven’t yet bothered with Watch Dogs 2, then you don’t know what you’re missing – Ubisoft have delivered a stunner!

DLC Description:

Dive deeper into the story of San Francisco, and reign over the Bay Area as the most feared hacker in town. Discover typical cars, weapons and outfits, and hunt down a copycat of the infamous Zodiac Killer in an extra mission.This pack includes:- The Zodiac Killer mission: a killer is staging the bodies of his victims all over Oakland and taunting the police like the infamous Zodiac Killer of the Sixties. Decrypt the messages and hunt down the copycat!- Void Dasher car: this stealthy car will be harder for your enemies to detect.- Peste Negra car: this gang car is optimized for sporty and well-balanced handling.- Chameleon Copter decal: this furtive drone will help you complete your missions discreetly.- Defalt Outfit: remember Defalt from Watch_Dogs? Wear a Defalt inspired outfit and show who’s the boss!- Protocol Pistol: This gold-plated powerhouse is a must-have for gangsters and dictators around the world. The Protocol Pistol will tell them who’s boss.


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