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It looks like it’s time to return to Chicago as the additional Bad Blood content is now available for Watch Dogs.

Whilst it hasn’t quite made it’s mark on the Xbox 360 and is currently only available to Watch Dogs Season Pass holders, the Bad Blood DLC can be picked up right now on Xbox One.

Bad Blood will see players take on a new campaign starring the brilliant and eccentric hacker, Raymond ‘T-Bone’ Kenney who decides to help one of his old friends. You’ll also gain access to new missions and seamless multiplayer modes, Bad Blood will also throw you into the world of ‘Street Sweep’ contracts, a new dynamic system of side missions that brings about endless hours of challenges…..playable in co-op mode.

Throw in some exclusive weapons, perks and outfits and you’ll get to see why Bad Blood should quite easily tempt you back into the Watch Dogs open world.

Watch Dogs Bad Blood will be available for all non Season Pass holders on September 30.

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