You might have recently taken a trip to San Francisco for Watch Dogs 2, but now it’s time to venture back to Chicago with the original Watch Dogs. After all, it won’t cost you a penny!

Releasing a few years ago, Ubisoft tried something completely new for the open-world market at the time by immersing gamers in a fully connected recreation of Chicago in Watch Dogs. Playing in the role of Aiden Pearce, an unfortunate turn of events leads to the death of his niece and, with the power of his smartphone, he seeks vengeance upon those responsible. Using the smartphone to tap into the ctOS (central operating system), he’s able to hack into security cameras, take control of things like traffics lights, and even discover personal information of the city’s inhabitants, to name just a few of the abilities. There’s a whole load of power at the end of his fingertips, but can you help him wield it to achieve the justice he so desires?

Hacking into this world usually comes at the cost of £23.99, but from now until the 15th of July, Watch Dogs on Xbox One is absolutely free from the Xbox Games Store – as long as you’ve got an Xbox Live Gold subscription. That’s just one of the delights available via the Games With Gold scheme for June 2017 and you can find out our thoughts on all this month’s offerings by reading our in-depth article.

Game Description:

IN TODAY’S HYPER-CONNECTED WORLD, CHICAGO OPERATES UNDER CTOS, THE MOST ADVANCED COMPUTER NETWORK IN AMERICA. As Aiden Pearce, you can hack into this entire system and make Chicago your ultimate weapon in your quest for vengeance. But what happens when your personal quest collides with an entire city?

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Chris (CrippyD)
Chris (CrippyD)
4 years ago

I quite liked the look of this when it was out but the reviews weren’t too kind so I gave it a miss, I shall remedy that today and get it for nothing on GwG!