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Watch_Dogs Issue #2: Second Chance – Comic Review


The second and final issue of the Watch_Dogs comic duology from Titan Comics is here, and ties together the story of Sauda. Last time we saw her – Issue #1 – she was locked up in prison for protecting her brother. But with bigger things on the horizon for Rocinha including ctOS adoption and an upcoming election, is this fractious relationship between Sauda and her brother the least of her concerns?

This issue starts four years after the events of the first, with Sauda still in prison. It doesn’t go into too much detail regarding her conditions and life behind bars, because the inmates stage a coup almost immediately at the start, organised by one of the new prison guards. Other prison guards are suspicious of the new guy, but it is too little too late, as this new guard is in fact Sauda’s brother, Sebastião!

After their breakout, Sebastião and Sauda share a sibling heart-to-heart and Sebastião reveals he is no longer working as a dealer in the favela, or at least is looking for a way out. He also explains how he would never have been able to find Sauda if it wasn’t for resident hactivist group DedSec, and states that they should both pay them a visit at their earliest convenience.

The comic then has a few panels showing the state of Rocinha through the eyes of Sauda, who hasn’t seen her hometown favela for over four years. Billboards proclaiming the arrival of ctOS have been graffitied over, strange boxes are fastened atop the wooden power line pylons and shops handing out free mobile phones are all new sights for Sauda. Not all of which are welcome.

Upon arriving at DedSec, Sauda instantly recognises the individual hackers as Gabriela, Micael and Jocão. But even they have changed in the four years since. What were once the children who followed her around with an interest in Sauda’s hacking abilities, have now become hackers themselves.

During their show and tell of all their new equipment, they get Sauda up to speed on all the political changes that have occurred during her time in prison. They uncover plans to get ctOS in every favela in Rio, if Sauda’s old friend Tomâs is elected mayor.

Knowing all the problems that come with ctOS, Sauda pays a visit to her old flame.

Issue number two is once again a bumper affair at 56 pages, but even with these additional pages, the ending comes quickly and feels a bit rushed. Across the two issues though, there has been very little in terms of filler, the pace of the story has – for the most part – been very good.

That said, the part when Sauda is introduced again to Gabriela, Micael and Jocão in their DedSec hideout does get a bit confusing. It is a major plot point that includes flashbacks and names thrown about of supporting characters, but I did get a bit lost trying to keep up. The flashbacks in the first issue seemed to be handled a lot better.

Once again, the artwork is pretty good, and the last page has a particularly impressive panel of Rio itself. There are a lot of words on the pages for a comic, but they don’t get in the way of the good work done by the artist, Horne.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Watch_Dogs comic, and it feels very much in tone with the games; a great way to explore more of this universe. My only problem is that this is now over, and we still have to wait until March for Watch_Dogs Legion, as this comic has easily rekindled my love for the open-world hacking games.

Richard Dobson
Richard Dobson
Avid gamer since the days of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Grew up with the PS1 and PS2 but changed allegiances in 2007 with the release of Halo 3.
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