Get ready to dash and fly about, firing water pistols at your friends and family in the latest multiplayer fighting party game from Team-KwaKwa, Splash Blast Panic.

Splash Blast Panic allows for up to four players to battle it out in various types of free-for-all and team-based matches, presenting plenty of options to choose from during set-up. There are a bunch of different levels, each of which has their own challenging aspect to overcome whilst you attempt to get your opponents out of the ring, aided by a vast array of items and power-ups. So you can expect to be blasted with water bomb launchers, protected by reflective shields, and more, potentially changing the outcome at the last second.

It isn’t only about multiplayer action though, with a single-player Arcade mode also featured to master your skills alone (how else will you be able to dominate your pals at every opportunity?) as well as to unlock more stages and characters. Should a gathering be on the cards, then Splash Blast Panic is currently available for parties at a discounted price of £11.24, usually £12.49, for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store.

Is Splash Blast Panic the style of party experience you’re looking to add to your gaming collection? Leave your thoughts below or send us a message on social media.

Game Description:

SPLASH BLAST PANIC is a multiplayer competitive party game where you must shoot, ram, dodge and overall bully your opponents outside the screen with a variety of watergun-based weaponry. Inspired by old arcade titles as well as newer competitive party games, ruin all your friendships in a variety of stages.

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