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We’ve already had huge fun with the base game, have delved deep into They Came From Below, and worked wonders with Lightbearer, but today it’s all about the conclusion of We Happy Few as We All Fall Down concludes matter in the most dire way possible.

After first launching in Xbox Game Preview way back in 2016, before dropping into full access in 2018, We Happy Few today comes to a fiery end as the latest DLC pack – We All Fall Down – arrives on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Taking in a return to Wellington Wells, before seeing it all burn down before your eyes, We All Fall Down is Gearbox Publishing and Compulsion Games latest content drop for the drugged-out dystopian adventure that is We Happy Few.

We All Fall Down follows on from They Came From Below and Lightbearer, to star Victoria Byng who is on a mission to rid Wellington Wells of the psychedelic drug, Joy, and free the people from their drug-induced prison. This latest expansion introduces new additional combat options and rooftop traversal as we get the opportunity to worm our way out of trouble and away from the authorities.

Running from a price of £7.19, We All Fall Down returns to We Happy Few’s dark origins, but burns it all down in spectacular fashion. Starving like the rest of the people, Victoria wrestles with her own withdrawals as the city slides deeper into Joy shortage and disorder. Victoria has always helped to keep things proper, but the closer she looks, the deeper the rot seems to run.

To free the city from Joy, you will need to move around the city’s rooftops, taking up arms against the Bobbies, and exposing citizens to the dismal truth. And Victoria is just the person to get in on the action, whipping foes in a snappy take on combat or silently taking out enemies with the new dart gun. If you prefer the stealthy approach then clambering over rooftops, adds more variety to We Happy Few’s gameplay.

We Happy Few has continued to evolve since its debut back in 2015. The team at Compulsion has been continually listening to player feedback and has taken the game to new heights throughout its development,” Matt Charles, Head of Production, at Gearbox Publishing said. “We All Fall Down applies that feedback with a focus on deep storytelling and engaging gameplay. While this is the end of the story for Wellington Wells, we’re very proud to have helped bring We Happy Few to more fans around the world.”

Again though, and much like those DLC packs that have gone before it, We All Fall Down focuses on storytelling and fast-paced action without including the survival mechanics found in We Happy Few, offering the following options…

  • Tour Wellington Wells at its absolute most dire
  • Crack the whip across the face of your foes in a snappy take on combat
  • Take the stealthy route with a shocking dart gun
  • Climb across the rooftops in a stealthy spin on We Happy Few exploration
  • Stick it to the system swiftly – there’s no time for eating, sleeping, and crafting while the world falls apart

Should you have the We Happy Few Season Pass to hand then you’ll get access to We All Fall Down alongside the other brilliant DLC pieces. If not, then well, an individual purchase may just be possible too – it’s available for £7.19.

Our full review of We Happy Few’s We All Fall Down expansion on Xbox One will be coming your way in the days ahead.

DLC Description:

You’ve taken your Joy, but now it’s time to tear it all down in this final piece of handcrafted Season Pass content. Play as Victoria Byng, get a grip on her whip, and get the last word on the story of Wellington Wells. As Victoria reckons with her own withdrawals, the city slides deeper into Joy shortage and disorder. It’s always been Victoria’s duty to help keep things proper, but the closer she looks, the deeper the rot seems to run.

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