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We Never Yield: Unveiling the Secrets of Aerial_Knight’s Sequel


Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is a game we adore, and so the upcoming launch of the sequel – Aerial_Knight’s We Never Yield – is one of excitement. 

With that in mind we wanted to find out more about this second game, and more about its creator – Aerial_Knight themselves. And thankfully divulging more in an exclusive interview was very much on the cards.

Aerial_Knights We Never Yield keyart
Why you should be excited for Aerial_Knight’s We Never Yield

Q. Can you please introduce yourself and your role in the development of Aerial_Knight’s We Never Yield?

Hello, I’m Neil, also known as Aerial_Knight online. I’m the creator and developer of the Aerial_Knights series, including the original Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield, which I largely developed solo, and its follow-up, Aerial_Knights: We Never Yield, which I worked on alongside the amazing team at BetaJester Ltd. I’m excited to share my work with you!

Q. How would you pitch this game to potential players?

Aerial_Knights: We Never Yield is a fast-paced, action-packed game where you control two characters at the same time as you make your way through a mysterious kingdom. You can even share the experience with a friend, handing over the second controller to tackle one character while you handle the other. 

But it’s not just about parkouring through the kingdom – we’ve added vehicles, new boss levels, and challenge levels to mix things up and offer different types of challenges. Plus, there’s a ton of in-game content and deep lore to discover, scattered throughout the game for players to uncover. 

This sequel offers a variety of exciting experiences and a rich, immersive world to explore.

Q. What more can you tell us about the in-game story, and what influenced you to tell it?

I loved writing this story because the first game’s ending gave me a great starting point to take the characters in any direction I wanted. 

I was thrilled to continue the story of Wally & Lone, as the first game’s conclusion left me with a wealth of possibilities for the characters’ future. The first game was about confronting yourself, but this one is about confronting your past. Wally & Lone now have to work together to overcome a massive challenge and fight their way back to their adopted home of Detroit. 

I think it’s really interesting to make a story about healing and forgiveness, mixed with action and explosions, which is a unique take for a video game that sets our game apart in the video game space.

Aerial Knights We Never Yield Screenshot_1
We. Never Yield.

Q. I really enjoyed my time with the first game – Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield. Was a sequel always in the pipeline?

After the first game, I focused on updates to fix issues that came up during feedback. But then I added an after-credits scene just because I thought it was cool, and it got stuck in my head. That scene opened up so many possibilities for the story that I couldn’t shake it off. I felt like if I didn’t make a follow-up, I’d be leaving the story unfinished. 

The ideas for what came next have been stuck in my mind for years, and I’m thrilled to finally bring them to life. I’m super excited to see this story come together, especially with this amazing new voice cast that’s taken the game and its characters to new heights in a way that the first game couldn’t

Wally: Blessing Adeoye Jr.

Lone: Belsheber Rusape Jr. 


Q. Replayability stood out as a big feature of that game. How does that carry over into this sequel?

I aimed to make the first game replayable and appealing to speedrunners, but I didn’t quite nail it. So, I took the time to absorb feedback and watch people play. I used that insight to refine the game and focus on replayability. 

We added challenge levels, outfits, weapons, and lore to encourage players to revisit earlier levels. I hope these changes will make the game more enjoyable for speedrunners and players who love replaying games.

Aerial Knights We Never Yield Screenshot_4
It’s time to team up

Q. This time around, players can control two characters simultaneously. Tell us more about how this mechanic came to fruition.

My favorite part of the first game is the final level, where players switch between two characters and perspectives. Some players didn’t even realize they were separate characters until that point, which made it an exciting revelation. It offered a unique challenge that’s not commonly found in games. 

I also noticed that parents would play the game with their kids, often taking turns playing specific parts and handing the controller back and forth. This made me think it would be great if they could share the controller or play together, which inspired some of the new features in the sequel.

Q. What else has changed since Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield?

Story-wise, we’ve made some significant changes from the first game. 

We now have fully voice-acted cutscenes, which is a big upgrade from before. I’ve also improved the cutscenes overall, thanks to my increased animation skills – the first game was my first attempt at animating, so I’ve leveled up since then! 

The sequel introduces new characters, enemy types, and mechanics, like the ability for characters to enter a powerful ‘King’ state to overcome obstacles. Each character has new outfits and weapons to choose from, and the game is set in an Afro-medieval kingdom. 

To top it off, we’ve created a brand-new orchestral Hip Hop soundtrack from scratch, which players will enjoy as they progress through the game

Q. The soundtrack to Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield was brilliant. What creative process did you go through when composing the music for these games?

I create the soundtracks with my longtime friend Daniel Wilkins, and our collaborative process is built on our strong friendship and mutual understanding. We’ve known each other since middle school, so I can make an obscure reference to a TV show we watched 10 or 15 years ago, and he’ll instantly know the sound I’m looking for. 

Our workflow typically starts with me sharing a concept or theme, along with some samples and examples. Daniel then creates a song for me to dissect and extract the parts I like. We’ll go back and forth, refining the track until it fits the level’s story and the game’s overall theme. Even with this thorough process, we sometimes end up not using a song due to various reasons or simply because it becomes stale. In those cases, we swap it out with something fresher.

Q. Can you give us a little more background into your journey that brought you to where you are today?

I’m just a creative person who loves video games and always wanted to be a part of making them. Breaking into the industry is tough, no matter your background, but some groups have a harder time than others due to location and opportunities. I didn’t get many chances in my first 10 years of trying to get into the game industry, so I decided to create my own space and take a shot at making something I could relate to. Even if no one else liked it, I’d still be happy with it because it’s something I truly enjoyed. That’s how I ended up creating the first Never Yield game. But what keeps me going is seeing other people enjoy what I create and watching them play – that’s what motivates me to keep doing this.

Aerial Knights We Never Yield Screenshot_5
Aerial_Knight – making another impact on the gaming world

Q. What impact do you hope Aerial_Knight’s We Never Yield will have on the gaming industry and beyond?

I’m not sure if I’m making a significant impact on the game industry, but my goal is to create cool stuff that resonates with the underserved market that’s been ignored. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to receive some funding for my latest game, which has allowed me to hire a few talented individuals who never had the opportunity to work on games before. To me, that’s the most amazing thing I could hope for – giving others a chance to shine in this industry

Q. If you could choose one game which has had the biggest influence on you as a player, what would it be and why?

I often say that No More Heroes has had the biggest impact on me. It was the first time I played a game that was so wild and unconventional, and it opened my eyes to the diversity and creativity of video games. I loved that it wasn’t a game for everyone, but it had a unique style and humor that resonated with me. It was a game that stood out from the crowd, and it left a lasting impression on me I really love everything suda51 and his team does

Q. And finally, which game are you most looking forward to in 2024 (aside from your own of course)?

My backlog is crazy and has gotten really out of hand so I’m really looking forward to finishing Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, Super Space Club, and then playing Persona 3 Reloaded. But I’m really excited for the new Assassin’s Creed, I Am Your Beast

Huge thanks go out to Neil for giving us some time, and for divulging more about the release of Aerial_Knight’s We Never Yield. 

The game will be released on July 16th 2024, across Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Wishlist on Steam if you like. 

And stay tuned for our launch article and full review of Aerial_Knight’s We Never Yield soon. We Never Yield is also included in our best games for July article.

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