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A Week In The Hub: 17th-23rd July 2016



Even though we’re well into the summer games drought, there have still been plenty of Xbox related news, reviews and opinions to sink our teeth into. Fancy checking out the best from between the 17th – 23rd July 2016?

How does Star Wars Battlefront’s latest free update change the way we look at the game?

After an initial release which saw players flock to the battlefields, Star Wars Battlefront was most definitely on the wane. So EA have done something about it…and they’ve dropped a free update that brings in a decent single player option.

We take a look at Star Wars Battlefront once again, focusing this time on the free update which promises to bring players back into the fray. Skirmish gives the option to fight it out in Walker Assault or Fighter Squadron without having to rely on the multiplayer masses and is quite possibly one of the best updates we’ve seen for a while…adding a whole new Star Wars perspective to the Battlefront!

star wars 2

UNO is back as Ubisoft reignite the classic…video chat and all!

Prepare yourself…UNO is making a comeback.

Ubisoft have this week confirmed that they are working on bringing UNO to Xbox One, PS4 and PC. After receiving huge success on the older generation of consoles, the chance to sit around for hours on end, messing around with cards is going to be too good to turn down.

With the news that the rather controversial video chat option will be available as well, it’ll no doubt bring back a ton of memories for those who had the ‘pleasure’ of playing UNO on Xbox 360.

We can’t wait for August 9th – nothing beats spending some time on the UNO board!


Taking a look at Free-to-Play on Xbox One

When you think of free-to-play titles, you’ll probably focus right in on the numerous games which litter the mobile gaming space. But there are also a fair few now available on Xbox One. Is the F2P model something which works well on console?

We sent Richard off to delve deep into the F2P scene, taking a look at not just which games utilise the system, but how and why it is slowly creeping to the forefront of gaming.

Should we be worried about seeing more title take on the role of F2P, or is it something which should be embraced? Let’s take a look at the free-to-play business model on Xbox One.

killer instinct 1

FRU Review

If you’re one of those Xbox One owners who have Kinect attached to your machine, then you’ll be glad to hear that there is a new Kinect/controller hybrid title to get to grips with.

Putting you in charge, FRU sees you needing to utilise your body and your controller skills as you help navigate your small character through a series of challenging levels. By making platforms with your silhouette, you’ll find yourself creating numerous routes to safety…but make one wrong move and you’ll see them falling to their death.

If you need a use for your Kinect, then there isn’t much out there which is better than FRU. Our review tells you exactly why.

fru 6

Top 5 LEGO games on Xbox One

We leave you this week with a look at the LEGO games which are available on Xbox One.

In recent years Tt Games have teamed up with all manner of franchises, bringing some outstanding games to our consoles. With the likes of the LEGO movie covered, the caped crusader getting a run out in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and the most recent Star Wars movie getting a going over, there are a huge number of titles to keep LEGO fans happy.

But which are the best ones currently available on Xbox One? We take a look.

Catch you next week!

top 5 lego

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