The month of May is nearly over but the fun never stops in the Xbox world with a whole host of new Xbox news, reviews and videos dropping over the last seven days. Let us cast our eye over our favourite articles from between the 22nd – 28th May 2016.

Did you miss anything?

Free Xbox Games With Gold titles for June 2016 announced!

We have to start this weeks round up with a look at the free Xbox One and Xbox 360 games which will be coming our way thanks to the Games With Gold scheme.

With the likes of The Crew, Super Meat Boy and to a slightly lesser extent XCOM all being stripped of their price tags, both Xbox One and Xbox 360 should be more than happy with their bonuses this month. We can never complain about being gifted free titles and whilst we may not see the month on a par with previous months, we’d hazard a guess that many more gamers will be enjoying the titles above pretty soon.

Even Goat Simulator is free…if you like that kind of thing. What do you mean you don’t?

games with gold new

Rocket League Xbox One to PC cross-network play kicks off today

Rocket League has been a massive success on Xbox One. It has also been a huge triumph on PC. What happens when we combine the two? Well, it pushes Rocket League onto another level.

Kicking off this last week has been cross-network play between the Xbox One and PC versions of everyone’s favourite RC car arena match up. If you were finding yourself getting slightly tired of matching up against just Xbox One players, then the chance to compete against, and show off your skills to, a whole new bred of gamer is surely something you can’t turn your nose up at.


Doom Review

Many years after first being wowed by DOOM, Xbox One gamers can now experience the latest, bloodiest, maddest and most stunning DOOM title to date. Have Bethesda and id delivered a masterpiece?

Our full review of DOOM on Xbox One went live in the last week and we can thankfully confirm that a masterpiece is in fact exactly what has been delivered. You can check out our full review on the link above but as a little teaser, you can be sure Tobias loved near on everything about it!

doom pic 10

F1 2016 to feature immersive 10 year career, safety car, Baku and more! Screenshots included

Codemasters love a bit of racing and whilst the current weekend may be all about the real world Monaco GP, the gaming world is focusing fully on the latest details and screenshots dropped by one of videogamings most hardened race fanatics.

F1 2016 has been announced and with it comes confirmation of a new track, a full safety car addition and what can only be described as a fully immersive, pretty hardcore, ten year F1 career. Can Codemasters deliver fresh excitement into their F1 franchise? We shall find out later this year.


Let’s Play Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan on Xbox One!

We leave you this week with one of our most anticipated games of the month. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back, and this time they are battling the Mutants in Manhattan with the expertise of PlatinumGames behind them.

With a rich history of game development behind them, surely if one team could bring an awesome Turtles experience it would be this one. Well, whilst our full review will be with you very soon, we can ensure that you get the chance to check out some of the gameplay with our Let’s Play video first. You can see just how good it is for yourself.

Catch you soon.


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