Summer is fast leaving us for another year but as long as the world keeps spinning we’ll have plenty of Xbox news, reviews, videos and opinions to bring to the masses. But in case you were busy soaking up the final few rays of the year, let us take a look back at the very best Xbox articles that dropped onto TheXboxHub’s pages from the 4th-10th September 2016.

Armello Review

We don’t very often give a game full marks, but that’s exactly what we’ve done with Armello, the Xbox One board game that is less board and more game.

An extremely well balanced title that nails each and every mechanic right on the head, Armello puts you in charge of an animal clan, as you go up against the Lion King. As each day turns to night and the extensive character specialisation options come into play, you’ll quickly get to see how good Armello really is.

It looks beautiful, it’s a highly enjoyable concept and whilst it may become a tad monotonous in the long run, is well worth checking out.

We wouldn’t have dished out a 5/5 rating if it wasn’t!


Let’s get ready to rumble as Rocket League Rumble arrives for free along with new microtransactions

The Rocket League train continues to roll on, showing little sign of stopping.

Right now you can grab the latest free update, that of Rumble Mode, to ensure your Rocket League matches never get boring. Bringing in some game changing, randomised power-ups, whether you find yourself messing around with the new Freezer, the Grappling Hook or are swinging the Haymaker, Rumble Mode delivers in a way that only Rocket League knows how.

It also brings the chance to purchase some new items, decals, wheels and more to stick onto your RC car.

What’s not to like? Not an awful lot actually.


DreamScreen Review – Visuals and colour ARE everything

We’ve been super excited at the chance to check out and review the rather awesome DreamScreen DIY backlight kit.

A package of LEDs that easily stick to the back of your TV, connect via HDMI and then replicate each and every pixel that is shown on your screen, DreamScreen is an absolutely wonder and well worth picking up. Reducing eye strain, making your TV seem bigger and bringing one of the most spectacular light shows possible to your gaming sessions, we tell you exactly how good DreamScreen is, and why it should be the next accessory you buy for your Xbox One.


Unboxing – KontrolFreek Call of Duty Zombies Spaceland Edition thumbsticks for Xbox One

We love accessories and right at the top of our most liked list are a multitude of thumbsticks created by KontrolFreek. Right now though there’s a new thumbstick for Xbox One to wow the crowds…and this one glows in the dark.

Take a watch of our unboxing and first look video showcasing the Kontrol Freek Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies in Spaceland thumbsticks for Xbox One. We show everything you need to know about the new sticks, even giving you a little taster of what they are like when the lights go down.

We’ll have a full review for you very soon too. Keep an eye out for it.

Enter now to win a copy of Final Station on Xbox One

We leave you this week with a shove in the direction of our latest competition.

Final Station has released recently on Xbox One and we pretty much love it. Now though we’ve got a couple of codes for the game to giveaway and you could be a winner. Hit the link above, get involved by following the simple Gleam instructions and job’s a good un.

It’s free to enter and will take mere seconds for you to get entered. Don’t delay!

Catch you next week.



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