It’s been a strange month for gaming so far. There have been huge releases, followed by near silence on all fronts, which is something that is near unheard of in the gaming calendar. But whilst new releases are still getting into the flow of things, the Xbox Live Deals With Gold And Spotlight Sale for 14th-20th March 2017 continues in perfect fashion.

So here we are again, once more bearing our thoughts on this week’s best and worst deals to splash the cash on.

GrabQuantum Break – 60% off – £18.00

Okay, so it’s not exactly the cheapest bargain of the week, but let me tell you as a man who spent whatever they asked on release day, this may well be one of the best games you’re likely to play for a long time.

From the same people who brought us the iconic Alan Wake – Remedy Studios – Quantum Break is the latest title to shine with their signature magic from start to finish. With a story evolving and revolving around time bending mechanics, caused by the machine built to manipulate chronon particles, Quantum Break has everything you would expect from a triple-A blockbuster. The quality will be remembered for years to come, and that’s not to mention the inclusion of a full featured episodic TV series to accompany the choices you make throughout the game.

Even at 18 quid, you’re looking at a definite bargain, especially as we rarely see any form of discount on this blockbuster.

GrabOlliOlli2: XL Edition – 75% off – £2.50

Those not yet willing to part with the required cash for something like Quantum Break are still catered for this week as the incredibly addictive OlliOlli2: XL Edition is on sale for the crazy cheap price of£2.50… you shouldn’t be ignoring it either.

With all new levels, routes and expanded tricks, OlliOlli2 is one to grab if you’re into the urban world of skateboarding or just want to enjoy the latest indie hits. With over 100 levels to master, expert tricks and of course Free-Skate Mode for those looking to spend time practising, £2.50 is all it will take.

Oh, and you can play with friends too.

GrabLevel 22 – 50% off – £2.80 – Game Fest

So it may not exactly be part of the basic Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale this week, but nevertheless it is another of the timed deals available so we’re chucking it in.

I could have very well picked Manuel Samuel in this spot but due to the price, we’ve gone of Level 22, and if you have some spare coins laying around should be checking it out pronto.

In Level 22, players take on the role of Gary, an office worker who oversleeps on a drunken night out on the town, and now faces the challenge of getting into work unnoticed, up all 22 floors of the office building. Get caught, get fired is the premise here.

With the use of closets, air vents and whatever other cunning and sneaky tricks Gary can pull out of the bag, you must guide him to his desk without a single person spotting you. It may take extreme methods but hey, no one wants to be fired, right? Grab yourself a cracking deal now.

GrabShantae Half-Genie Hero – 25% off – £11.99 – Game Fest

If you haven’t yet played the latest outing from everyone’s favourite half genie you may well want to question your devotion to gaming.

Shantae Half-Genie Hero takes all the best features from the previous series entries, and mixes it all into one of the best platformers we’ve seen on console in years. With classic boss battles, original platforming and iconic attacks, Shantae’s latest outing is one that is well deserving of universal praise.

Those unfamiliar with the adventures of the Scuttle Town saviour would do well to check out our review before picking yourself up a serious contender for this year’s Indie Game of the Year!

LeaveGears of War 4: Ultimate Edition – 40% off – £47.99

No, I haven’t gone crazy, and I’m well aware of the sheer quality brought by the Gears of War franchise. After all, it was said series that saw me splash out on an overly priced Xbox and several controllers. But just shy of 50 quid for an edition of a game that mainly provides cosmetic changes and a few previously seen map content packs at present is certainly not something even I can justify.

Those with a keen eye may well also spot the standard Gears of War 4 in the same set of deals for a much nicer £20.87 and at that price this would certainly be a different story but there is no way to account for an extra 27 quid when there isn’t exactly much more than cosmetics and a few extra maps thrown in for the price.

Nevertheless, anyone who hasn’t yet checked out Gears of War should still definitely take a serious look at the standard offering, and if your still not convinced maybe a gander over to our review can will have you sold. But the Ultimate Edition should certainly be one you avoid this week.

So there we have it, our top picks from this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold bargains, but don’t forget to check out all the other deals on offer too. If you like what you see and want to splash the cash, head on over to to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck with some super cheap Xbox Live Credit.

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