For many of us, the thought of buying games went out the window weeks ago with Christmas fast approaching and the wallet heavy costs associated to the festive period. Now though, with less than a week to go until Christmas Day, those early birds who prepared in time may well want to take a look in to this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for a cheeky bargain to help pass the time.

But which of the numerous Xbox deals on offer are this weeks best? And which should you be leaving well alone? We take a look.

GrabDear Esther: Landmark Edition – 80% off – £1.60

First-person exploration games, popularly known as walking simulators, have become a hugely successful genre of their own in the past few years, with great titles bringing some of the finest stories available on the market.

Dear Esther: Landmark Edition is one such game, taking players on an unforgettable journey through an uninhabited Hebridean island whilst listening to an anonymous man read a series of letter fragments to a woman named Esther.

With the emotion ridden story bringing out some of the finest storytelling we’ve seen in some time, and one of the most beautiful locations available on Xbox, this is one bargain that shouldn’t be missed by those wanting an instant classic to play through over the Christmas period.

GrabDemon’s Crystals – 67% off – £1.32

It’s cheap, cheerful and comes complete with a ton of weapons, bosses, enemies, power-ups and destructible environments. This twin-stick shooter may not be one of the most popular adventures on Xbox One, but for such a low price, you’d be foolish not to add this enjoyable indie game to your collection.

Vibrant visuals, plenty of replayability, and a bullet hell gameplay that’s sure to test your skills will ensure that this pick up and play adventure is perfect for a rainy day, or for an evening of gaming into the late hours.

For just £1.32 you should be experiencing the joys of the Urican Demon adventure in Demon’s Crystals.

GrabHue – 80% off – £2.40

If puzzle-platformers are more your type of thing, than a purchase of Hue is certainly no bad way to spend a couple of quid.

This is a game we’ve mentioned a few times here at TheXboxHub, and for good reason. This colour-orientated experience does a great job of bringing together the wonderful soundtrack and unique puzzles with some incredibly vivid colours, all whilst keeping things fresh with an abundance of new obstacles to overcome throughout.

Whilst the controls could probably be a little easier in the platforming side of things, Hue is by far one of the best platforming puzzlers on the market and for such a low price it should be a game that has players chomping at the bit to add to their collections.

LeaveRock ‘N Racing Bundle – 50% off – £4.80

Normally I’d sit here and commend a well-priced bundle that brings a couple of games together as good value, but unfortunately this is one bundle that I can’t bring myself to praise. Both games included in the Rock ‘N Racing Bundle – Grand Prix Rock N’ Racing and Rock ‘N Racing Off Road DX – bring nothing more than a perfect example of a poor racing experience.

Horrible controls, a poor A.I and a lack of content throughout each title, the Rock N’ Racing Bundle provides nothing but disappointment and with many top racers already available on Xbox One, even a half price discount isn’t enough for us to recommend two of the genre’s worst games.


So, there we have it, another week of Xbox Live Deals With Gold bargains for you to cast your eyes across, and our thoughts on which ones you should and shouldn’t be adding to your collection. Do you agree with choices? Why not let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

Before you head on over to the Microsoft Store to pickup your latest bargain though, don’t forget to check out CDkeys for some of their super cheap Xbox Live credit to help that cash go a little further this week.

For a full list of every deal you can find available on Xbox this week – 19th-25th Dec 2017 – check out our full article that brings them all together in one convenient place. Have a great Xmas!

Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Details 19th-25th Dec 2017

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