Having made it through the madness of Black Friday, and stumbling across Cyber Monday, here we are once more with a set of new Xbox One and Xbox 360 discounts brought about via the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale. It has to be said though that the main discounts were most definitely saved for those wishing to get dragged in by Black Friday and that means that this weeks Deals With Gold Sale – the one running between the 28th Nov – 4th Dec 2017 – is slightly lacking in content.

But there’s still stuff to get excited about and should you be after a new game for your Xbox One or Xbox 360 then you should be at least keeping an eye out for the following… for both good and bad reasons.

GrabNever Alone Arctic Collection – 80% off – £2.88

Never Alone rocked up on Xbox One a good few years back – 2014 in fact – to rather decent applause. Telling the tale of a young girl and her pet fox, this puzzling platformer was more than a delight to play through, as the team at Upper One Games attempted to tell the tales of the Iñupiat population, saving the stories from being lost to a generation.

A relatively simple little playthrough, the base game and its Foxtales add-on are both included in the Arctic Collection and the price being offered this week should mean that many more get the chance to experience a storytelling delight.

It’s not perfect, and even now the jumping mechanics are a little dodgy at best, but as a story, there is little to beat it. Snap it up right now.

TempterInversus Deluxe – 35% off – £7.79

It’s not the cheapest game of the week, and in fact Inversus Deluxe is sitting here as the most expensive of the three I’ve chosen for this article, but should you be in the market for some puzzling fan – whilst integrating in some clever shooting mechanics – then this is the game for you.

It comes with a great Arcade mode that is hugely addictive, some rather brilliant maps that ensure that every game you play is different from the last, and an XP system that keeps tempting you in for more and more. Yes, the online opportunities are limited, and unless you’ve got a friend to hand then you should probably not even bother with that side of things, but otherwise it’s a great fun game.

If that price was a bit lower – and the discount given this week a bit bigger – then it would be a bit of a no-brainer.

Leave –  Mordheim: City of the Damned – 75% – £7.50

I might get a bit of stick here, but unless you are fully engrained in the deep Warhammer universe, and prepared to learn a ton of lore, then Mordheim: City of the Damned is a bit of a tricky title to recommend.

A third-person, action-strategy, RTS title, Mordheim certainly looks the part and comes with a rather brilliant visual appearance. But underneath those visuals is a game that will chew up and spit out any newcomers to the universe, with hours of planning required should you wish to even stand a chance of success. And even then that planning could be thrown out of the window in mere seconds. If that’s not bad enough then hugely repetitive gameplay rears its ugly head time and time again and that in itself should well ensure you possibly want to give Mordheim a miss.

Unless of course you know everything and anything about the Warhammer world already. But if that is the case then you’ve probably bought it already.


As always, if you wish to take our advice and fancy getting a download in of any of the games above, then make sure you hit up CDKeys first and grab some of their cheap Xbox Live credit. It’ll ensure your money goes just a little bit further and that is a good thing in anyone’s eyes.

If you’re looking for the entire Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 28th Nov – 4th Dec 2017 then the full listing can be found here. Don’t forget to let us know what you pick up.

Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Details 28th Nov – 4th Dec 2017

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