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The Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale is back with a huge emphasis on a number of discounted Bethesda titles. But which of the huge number of bargains should you be checking out as a matter of priority? We roll through the offerings for 2nd-8th August 2016 and let you know.

And if we’re honest, this week brings a good number of games with lovely discounts in place. In fact, it’s so good that once more we are struggling to find anything that really offends us – although we’d still balk at paying nearly £20 for some Elder Scrolls Online currency.

It does however leave us with a few games that really should be checked out asap. It may not be the cheapest week ever, but the prices are near spot on!

As always, if you do decide to grab something, we’d love it if you could tell us what you pick up in the comments below. You may wish to save even more cash as well, and heading on over to CDKeys and picking up some cheap Xbox Live credit first should be pretty high on your agenda.

Grab – DOOM – 50% off – £25.00

Yep, £25 for DOOM and we’re telling you to go and get it.

Whilst it’s not the cheapest game you can buy this week (far from it in fact), it is a damn decent price for something that isn’t particularly old, comes with some superb ideas and will happily keep you engrossed for many an hour. It’s also just received a free update, bringing some new fixes and features to the table, whilst a brand new DLC pack is available to purchase from the 5th August as well – one that delivers a ton of new multiplayer bits and bobs that should excite many.

That’s why you should be buying DOOM for £25. Oh, and it’s a brilliant game to boot. At least if you trust our review. Which you should 🙂

Grab – Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – 50% off – £3.75

Can’t afford to stretch to the £25 asking price for DOOM. Make sure you spend a couple of quid picking up the awesome Wolfenstein: The Old Blood instead.

In fact, you could do worse than pick up both the Wolfenstein titles which are on offer this week, but should you need to focus your time and effort on just the one, then we’d go with The Old Blood.

Old B.J. Blazkowicz needs a hand destroying the Nazi forces – surely you can’t leave him to do it all alone!

GrabGuns, Gore and Cannoli – 50% off – £4.00

Now this is why we love the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale. £4 for Guns, Gore and Cannolli is superb value and should you manage to stump up the measly cash amount required, will find a game that humours at every opportunity.

Set in Thugtown in the 1920’s, you’ll get the chance to fight your way through numerous levels filled with guns, filled with gore and well, um, filled with Cannoli, Vinnie Cannoli that is. Playing as the wise cracking, hard edged gangster, you’ll be taken into a world full of corruption and humour; a world where anything and everything can eventually be solved by pulling out a Tommy gun and spraying the bullets.

You’d be a fool to not check it out for £4.


If you want to check out the full deals for the week, then you can find the full Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight sale for this week right here. Don’t forget to let us know what you pick up in the comments below.


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