Last week’s Deals With Gold sale may have provided more in the way of sports titles than epic adventures, but with a new week comes new deals and with this week bringing us a publisher sale thrown in along with the usual Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale, there’s certainly plenty of options to consider.

But which bargains from the 6th-12th Feb 2018 should you be looking to splash the cash on – and which should you be leaving well alone? Here are our recommendations for the week.

GrabTrials Fusion – 67% off – £5.28

The Trials series is renowned for creating rage-inducing and challenging platforming games by way of a series of increasingly difficult and near impossible trials courses. That doesn’t mean we will ever stop going back for more though.

Whilst Trials Fusion may have taken things a little too futuristic, the core gameplay that’s made the series so well known is once again at the centre of everything you will do.

With multiplayer providing some fantastic online competition, and a ton of single player courses to keep you going back for more, there is certainly plenty of fun to be had. New Tournaments are also appearing all the time, even all these years after release, and the full course editor is sitting waiting for you to create, share and download thousands of new courses online.

For just over a fiver, you could have yourself one of the best platformers ever released.

TempterTom Clancy’s The Division – 70% off – £12.00

It may have received a lot of stick for it’s downgrade in graphics after the spectacular E3 showing of 2015, but that doesn’t mean Tom Clancy’s The Division is in any way a bad game. With a ton of missions to overcome, a tense and daring Dark Zone for multiplayer combat, and some of the finest co-op available on Xbox, twelve quid is hardly a bad deal.

Of course, if you’re looking for the ultimate bargain, you could well find this cracking experience even cheaper in disc form, however for convenience, shelling out a few pounds extra for the digital version is one we’d still recommend.

The Division comes with an entirely recreated open-world Manhattan to explore, plenty of loot to find and an abundance of enemies to wipe off the streets. There is plenty to do for those looking for their next time-sink, and with a great story to go with it, this is one that should be considered.

LeaveJust Dance 2018 – 40% off – £29.99

These days, releasing a game on the Kinect for Xbox One is a brave thing to do and whilst Just Dance 2018 isn’t only playable with the motion tracking tech, it’s a whole load better with it. As Microsoft has now officially giving up on the famed peripheral and sales also coming to a halt, it’s hard to see how a yearly release could maintain interest. Offering little more than an updated song list whilst still asking full price however is a little bit of a sting to those loyal enough to stick around to see out the life of the Kinect.

Surely that would mean a slashed price would be the best time to jump In to Just Dance 2018 then? Well, with 40% off still leaving us with £30 to pay out, we’d recommend you leave off this dancing adventure and head towards the other releases that can be picked up for a much nicer price.

Boom Ball for Kinect 3 maybe?


So, there we have it. Our thoughts on the best and worst of this week’s offers from the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 6th-12th Feb 2018. Will you be cashing in on any of this week’s deals?

Don’t forget to head on over to CDkeys before your trip to the Microsoft Store to pick up some super cheap Xbox Live credit to spread the costs on those gaming purchases.

For a full list of this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sales for 6th-12th February, make sure to check out our article and let us know which deals catch your eye in the comments below.

Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Details 6th-12th Feb 2018

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