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After the flurry of games that came to the Xbox One Store last month you could argue that most of us have enough games to be getting on with now and well into the year. Gaming isn’t just about those early releases though and whilst the rest of February looks set to have some huge titles marking their arrival on Xbox One, this last week has been exceptionally quiet for new releases. So, let’s take a look at the best and worst of this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale discounts – the ones running between the 7th-13th Feb 2017 – to see what’s worth picking up to fill the gap between the upcoming releases.

Grab Among the Sleep – 50% off – £6.00

among the sleep 2

Horror is a rather well catered for genre when it comes to gaming. In the past few years we’ve had heaps of different titles arriving on Xbox One with Alien Isolation, Outlast, The Evil Within and the recent Resident Evil 7 being the main games to turn my peaceful nights into screaming fright fests.

Among the Sleep however takes away most of the blood and gore of the usual horror scene and instead places players in the shoes of a two-year-old. A two-year-old not completely used to his small little legs, who’s world turns much darker after the arrival of a teddy bear on his birthday. Whilst it may not give the freakish scares of other well-known horror titles, Among the Sleep is certainly worth the six quid being asked for right now, so we reckon you should grab this one and relive those forgotten fears of being a two-year-old once more.

GrabEthan: Meteor Hunter – 33% off – £5.35

ethan 2

Platforming games hold the key to some of gaming’s greatest ever adventures, providing puzzles of precision and skill, as well as some of the finest stories on console. Ethan: Meteor Hunter holds a mix of some of the finer qualities found in platformers.

You play the role of Ethan, a rat hellbent on getting revenge on a neighbour who destroyed his home. Affected by the powers of a meteorite which granted him the ability of telekinesis, Ethan heads out on his quest to exact revenge.

Whilst there are a few moments that crop up, giving a slightly pedantic feeling to the game, Ethan: Meteor Hunter offers players plenty of puzzles with tons of replayability to keep players coming back for more. Whilst this may not be the most popular platformer on Xbox One, £5.35 is a steal and anyone looking for a title to pass the time and offer several hours of engagement should certainly pick this one up.

GrabRainbow Six Siege – 50% off – £15.00

rainbow six siege

Rainbow Six Siege hardly requires much of an introduction, with the past weekend offering a free play experience for all gamers with an Xbox Live Gold subscription, now is the perfect opportunity to jump into the full experience – and at just 15 pounds this is one deal that represents a steal. With another whole season of content set to arrive throughout 2017 and one of the best multiplayer offerings seen in a first-person shooter, Rainbow Six Siege is a must play for any fan of online shooters.

Squad based tactical shooting is the core of Rainbow Six Siege and is at its best in this online shooter, with teamwork a must for those looking to win. Whilst Call of Duty, Battlefield and Titanfall 2 may be the first choice for many, those looking for believable combat in destructible environments need look no further. Definitely one to grab this week.

LeaveSteep – 35% off – £35.74


This week’s title we’re going to recommend you leave for a little while longer is Steep, and much like last week’s choice, Steep isn’t being assigned to the pile of games to leave for being a bad playthrough (after all a quick read of our review will remind you of the quality Steep provides), but more its price.

Whilst the usual asking price is certainly one to have you reaching for every penny in your wallet, thirty-five pounds hardly represents much of a deal, and considering those with a strong interest are likely to have picked it up already, it’s going to take a bit more of a price drop to see us advising this to those yet to try Ubisoft’s latest venture into Sport.

Give us an extra ten quid off and we would happily bring Steep a recommendation, but for now we reckon you should wait a little longer before committing those hard-earned funds, especially with the other great offers available this week.

So, that’s it for another week. Do you agree with our choices? Have we been too harsh on Steep? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to head on over to CDkeys to make that hard-earned cash go a little further with some super cheap Xbox Live Credit.

…and if you’re looking for all the deals, we’ve got the full Xbox Live Deals With Gold discounts for this week right here!

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