After last week’s flurry of backwards compatible arrivals it seems things have calmed down once more on the Xbox One, which makes for perfect timing, as the latest batch of Xbox Live Deals With Gold Sale discounts have arrived. We all love sales, and Xbox players have plenty to choose from today as the Xbox Spring Sale has also landed on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, bringing tons of top deals with it.

But we’re fans of consistency here at TheXboxHub, so here are the best and worst of this week’s deals to be had from the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale running between 11th-17th April 2017. 

GrabShadow Warrior – 80% off – £4.00

Whilst we have some promising choices this week, I don’t think any of the bargains available represent as good a deal as Shadow Warrior does.

In this exceptional FPS offering, players take on the role of Lo Wang, a ninja mercenary, hired to track down the Nobitsura Kage, a legendary katana said to give immense power to the holder. With events tumbling out of control, Wang is set against an onslaught of demons and various otherworldly powers in a bid to finally get his hands on the sword.

Whilst the initial release may not have seen interest in this epic masterpiece reach the heights it really did deserve, the £4 price that is in place for all Xbox Live Gold members for the next seven days, should certainly help.

With a sequel coming later this year, you could do much worse with your money.

GrabBADLAND: Game of the Year Edition – 85% off – £1.44

BADLAND is a game that from my very first playthrough, reminded me very much of Limbo, but in a much more peaceful setting – due mainly to the art style being very similar.

Taking control of a little black creature called Cloony, you are tasked with flying through various parts of a darkened forest in which you attempt to put a stop to the dangers of the woods and save your fellow creatures in the process. BADLAND is a rather simplistic idea, but provides several hours of fun for anyone looking to relax with a game that doesn’t require the skills of a God.

And when this sort of unique adventure is available for less than the price of a coffee – yes, it is really just £1.44 – you know it’s the sort of bargain you should be rushing to immediately.

GrabNo Time To Explain – 50% off – £6.00

I am you from the future, there’s no time to explain.

That kind of says all you really need to know about this one, but for those of you who like a little extra info before splashing the cash I’ll be happy to provide.

In this wacky adventure, you chase future versions of yourself through alternate realities whilst fighting monsters, collecting hats and of course eating cake – because everybody loves cake. No Time To Explain offers plenty enjoyable platforming moments whilst giving a comedic and challenging experience.

And for this next week it is coming in with a price tag of just £6.00. That makes it a damn bargain!

LeaveWorms W.M.D 40% off – £11.99

There are some cracking deals in the sales this week and Worms W.M.D would have been one of them had it maybe been seventy or eighty percent of the usual asking price. But at £11.99, it’s hard to promote a game that is still quite similar to its predecessor.

Sure, there are differences, and it isn’t a bad outing for Worms either (our review is here if you want to check in on it), but with so many other top quality deals available for a combined price of Worms’ one offering, it finds its way to our leave pile this week.

So, there we have it, another week’s deals picked apart, bringing the best and worst deals to keep an eye out for. Will you be grabbing any of this week’s fantastic offers? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels.

Don’t forget, if you do like the look of what is on offer, make sure you hit up CDKeys and grab some cheap credit to purchase those games with. And of course, you can check out the full Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale AND the Xbox Spring sale for 2017 on this here link.

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