Trials Fusion has now received its latest downloadable content pack…Welcome to the Abyss.

Available for both Xbox One and Xbox 360, today’s release of Welcome to the Abyss take you under the ocean and straight into a long-forgotten civilization. With new tracks, new challenges and new achievements, it’s probably time to hop back on board that bike go get crashing!

…and whether you decide to roll with the Xbox One or Xbox 360 version, you’ll only need to be paying £3.99 for the privilege. Of course, Trials Fusion Season Pass holders won’t have to pay an extra penny!

DLC Description:

Ride deep below sea level with the third content pack for Trials Fusion: Welcome to the Abyss! Mysterious ruins found under the sea shed light onto a long-forgotten civilization. It’s time to find out if anything still lurks beneath! Enhance your experience underwater with: – 10 new tracks including eight Classic Trials Tracks, one Skill Game and one FMX Track – 24 new Challenges including secret locations and hidden mini-games – 5 new achievements – Dozens of new Editor objects including Titanic statues, emissive stone ramps, underwater robotics and much more!

Visit the Xbox Games Store or download the pack via the relevant Store tab on your console.

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