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A beautiful Steampunk world, hordes of ruthless enemies, deadly explosions and gigantic bosses. Like the sound of that?

Well, now may be the time to head on over to the Xbox Games Store as the run ‘n’ gun action platformer, Wells, has arrived and is now available for purchase – at least if you live in the US anyways.

Wells is an action side-scrolling game complete with 3D visuals, and a direct reference to the classic Run ‘n’ Gun subgenre of the 90s. Alongside the classic running and jumping is the chance to hop into a Steampunk themed vehicle stage with Mr. Well’s motorcycle adding to the adventure.

To help deal with the hordes of enemies gunning for your demise, a selection of unique weapons complete with unlimited ammo will be on offer to ensure you have everything needed to blast every foe in your path, but beware of the cool-down or it could be over quicker than you thought.

Whilst there is currently no news on Wells’ arrival in the UK, we will be sure to update you should anything change. For now though, get over to that Xbox Games Store, drop the $9.99 required and enjoy the action!

Game Description:

Wells is a action side-scrolling game with 3D graphics, its style is a direct reference to a classic subgenre of games that was popular in the 90’s, the Run and Gun. Prepare yourself for facing hordes of enemies, explosions, gigantic bosses and a dangerous and fascinating journey into a steampunk universe.


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