The new release of Fifa causes huge excitement amongst gamers every year and this one is no different. 

The game has been out since the beginning of October, and online social media channels and forums have been flooded with reviews from excited players around the globe. Much of the talk has been around the new consoles that have been released, in particular the new Xbox Series X, which has now hit the market. 

New Xbox Console Released in Line with Fifa 21

Just a few short weeks after the release of Fifa 21, the new Xbox Series X console hit the market. This is a next generation console, designed to take gaming to the next level and Fifa 21 will be one of the first flagship releases for it. 

With true 4k gaming, the ability to process at up to 120 frames per second and 8k HDR, this is the fastest and most powerful Xbox ever created. 3D spatial sound is another big feature, putting you in the heart of the game’s audio to bring things to life in your home. 

With the two release dates being close together, Fifa 21 will be one of the first titles that many people play on their new Xbox Series X.

What are the Differences Between Fifa 21 and Fifa 20?

One of the biggest complaints from players of the Fifa series is that the games change very little each year. Therefore, many will skip a year or two before upgrading next time. 

This year, we have seen a number of gameplay changes brought in by Fifa, in a bid to show people why they should upgrade. If you are thinking of buying Fifa 21 but haven’t yet made up your mind, here are the main differences between Fifa 21 and Fifa 20. 

Agile Dribbling

This has taken over from strife dribbling in Fifa 20, but has far more options for players. It should add more personalisation for the top players too, who each have their own moves within this that you can try. 

Creative Runs

An exciting feature, giving players the ability to order AI players to make a run before you pass the ball. You can also indicate where you are going to play the ball using this feature, so players can begin to make a run in the right direction. It’s complex, but a lot of people are going to love this. 

Natural Collisions

From time to time, players colliding causes some very odd movements on the game, with players falling to the ground very unnaturally. This has been looked at for Fifa 21, with the inclusion of a new natural collision system that is designed to eliminate these strange falls. 

No Fitness and Training Items

Many Fifa players have been calling for this, and we now finally have it. No longer will you see low fitness for players, this refills after every game that you play. Of course, it decreases in game, but the new system should make things a lot easier for players. 

Match Sharpness

A big factor in many football games. People will often bet on the outcome of a game with bookmakers listed on this site based on the match sharpness of both teams, betting on who has an advantage. Now this is in Fifa 21, so you can make sure your players are fully ready for a game. 

Transfer Options

We have seen a few new transfer options find their way into the game, replicating what is happening in real life. Loan to buy options and player exchanges will feature in career mode, keeping you on your toes as you try to beat the AI managers. 

Co-op in Ultimate Team

Another feature that you would have expected a few years ago is this one. Now we can finally see people working together in ultimate team mode, including taking on the AI with another person in a squad battle. 

How to Get a Free Next-Gen Upgrade?

Those who bought the Xbox One version of Fifa 21 and then go on to buy the new Xbox Series X can get themselves a free next-gen upgrade for the game when they are ready. 

Those with the digital version of the game can simply download the new version from the store on their new console. If you have the disk version then simply enter the disk and allow the game to load before you download the new version. 

This is nice and quick and very simple for players to follow, allowing their Fifa 21 games to continue on their new console.