Once upon a time, slots paid just a few pennies but now they offer multiple payouts not only when hitting the right combinations but in multiple ways like hitting bonus symbols, getting free spins, using the gambling feature, and other internal features of every slot game. The features included in each game vary by type. For example, these features can be as simple as multiple paylines, wild symbols that act as “jokers” on the reels, or scatter that pays no matter where they land.

Since these features can bring huge earnings to the players we have decided to create this page to review these features and the earnings they provide to the players. Certainly, you will get a more exciting and profitable gaming experience if you choose a slot game that includes the largest number of these features. Nevertheless, you can get higher profits when you sign up at one of the trusted casinos outside GamStop. With so many games available, it is important to find slot machines that have features that you enjoy.

What Are the Multiplier Slots at Casinos?

These slot machines allow several players to play at the same time on the same machine at a non GamStop casino with different options. They can be compared with online poker rooms where the player can open a table and select different options. It’s kind of the same system. A multiplayer slot machine is individual. The player can play alone and if he wishes, open the game to opponents or teammates depending on the selected mode. 

If the player opens the slot machine, it will appear in the lobby to be visible to all players on the non GamStop casino. It’s exactly like a poker room lobby. The gaming rooms offering this novelty are currently mostly virtual money rooms or points that offer non GamStop casino games.

For the rest, the operation of the game remains identical with the same features and the same bonuses. The structure of the game does not change. 

  • You will therefore be able to bet with several in “collective” mode, join forces or play against others with a key winnings multiplier. In any case, you will be able to earn more.
  • You have to be between 2 and 6 players maximum for now.
  • A specific gain is to be won for the one who will emerge victorious from the game.
  • Non GamStop players have the right to communicate with each other via chat.
  • It is possible to play as a team against another team.
  • Scores and stats are given in real time for ranking.


Paylines are winning combinations of symbols that vary based on the type of game you’ve chosen and the symbols they contain. Whereas classic slot games only have 1-3 paylines, video slots have more paylines ranging from 10 to 1024 paylines. Mostly, the paylines will run from left to right, however, there are plenty of games that run from every way. For example, to get a winning combination you must start on the first reel and match a symbol on two or four reels in a row.


Wilds are classic symbols that you will find in almost all modern slots. These symbols work exactly like the joker cards in card games in that they replace other symbols on the reels to help the player create winning combinations. Although Wilds is not a replacement for Scatters symbols, it can still raise your score especially if too many of them appear on the reels. Most of the time, Wild symbols offer a big jackpot if you line up five on a payline.

New Challenges

These non GamStop slot machines allow high rollers to get out of their loneliness while offering them new challenges. It’s a great way to rediscover these games.

Slot machines are not necessarily new. Game software publishers adapt creations by adding the multiplayer game mode. This explains why multi-player slots are also accessible individually. 

We, therefore, find major publishers such as Gamesoft, Betsoft or Play’n Go which come out with slot machines in multiplayer mode.

These slots are increasingly used to organize slot machine tournaments. After live casinos, we can think that online casinos will experience a new revolution that will delight lovers of slot machines.

A Few Notions – Between Chance & Strategy

Admittedly, luck and chance are our main allies when playing slot machines, however, a good knowledge of slot machines, as well as the mastery of certain gaming techniques, are essential to hit the jackpot.

  • Bet Max: This option, designed for experienced players, allows you to bet a maximum (as its name suggests) on a specific line and thus win the maximum if you win.
  • Auto-spin: This option is the one that activates the machine for us – it’s going from manual mode to automatic mode to spin the reels while we go about our other business… We choose the amount to bet and we let the slot machine do the rest. Except that you can no longer change your mind about the bet and that at some point you have to stop auto-spinning at the risk of emptying your account because this option is not cheap. And above all, it would be a shame to miss all the “free spins” that the manual mode offers us!

In fact, all these indications generally appear on each slot machine and taking the time to read them is not a luxury – especially since we have widened our lexical field, which will allow us to better choose our slot machine and our method of betting. And to expand our knowledge on this topic – definitely read this article about the most lucrative slot machines.