Looking for a new game to add to your library? Well, if you’re into a bit of football, the hardcore rally racing scene or just fancy heading into an epic war, then there’s something for you hitting the stores in the next seven days. It’s time for us to get stuck in and find out what’s ‘In Stores This Week’ for Xbox One.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 – 25th September – Xbox One

Set in the same timeframe as the original Valkyria Chronicles, the fourth instalment of the main series focuses on a brand new cast of characters. Amongst those available to command are the eager, young Commander Claude Wallace, engineer/heavy weapons extraordinaire Riley Miller, hot-headed Darcsen Raz, and ice-cold sniping ace Kai Schulen. These characters will experience all the painful realities of war, hoping that the bonds formed from their friendships can survive the frozen battlefield. As it’s a turn-based strategy, RPG and third person shooter hybrid, the BLiTZ battle system returns. Some of the new features include a new Grenadier class, numerous battleship support options and a ‘Last Stand’ action.

Where can I buy it? Amazon for £41.99

DAKAR 18 – 28th September – Xbox One

DAKAR 18 is based on the famous annual rally raid in South America and aims to be a realistic simulation of the biggest cross-country rally in the world, featuring a variety of official vehicles, including the likes of motorcycles, cars, trucks, quads and UTVs. Players will get to compete in fierce online multiplayer battles as well as having the choice to play offline in order to harness and grow their racing skills in a huge open world. Road books will have to be used if they’re to find their way across each of the 14 stages, venturing through Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

Where can I buy it? Amazon for £44.99

FIFA 19 – 28th September – Xbox One

Arguably the most recognisable football game on the market, FIFA 19 brings with it all the usual modes such as Pro Clubs, Ultimate Team, Career and the final part of Alex Hunter’s The Journey – the latter of which will allow players to jump in and out of three characters’ intertwining stories as they please. EA have also acquired the license for the UEFA Champions League, incorporating the spectacle within a number of the main modes. In terms of gameplay, players should expect a rather different first tough mechanic for striking and receiving a ball, whilst the new timed finishing aspect will change the approach to shooting.

Where can I buy it? Amazon for £49.99

Of course, if you don’t want to buy your games in disc format, you could always get involved with a digital download. Buy your points from here and save money on each digital download you make!

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