There are choices aplenty for gamers looking to pick up a new game in the next seven days, with a remaster, a couple of movie tie-ins and co-op shooter, all set to launch. So let’s delve in and find out a little bit more about what’s ‘In Stores This Week’ for Xbox One.

Shining Resonance Refrain: Draconic Launch Edition – 10th July – Xbox One

Shining Resonance Refrain follows Yuma, who has the soul of the Shining Dragon within him, transforming into the ancient beast by unleashing the power of his sword. After hearing about the plight of Astoria and their fight to save their kingdom from the Empire, Yuma decides to aid them. With real-time action combat throughout, it will be important to utilise each party member’s unique abilities and strengths, whilst also deepening relationships between each of the characters. As a remaster of the original Shining Resonance, all of the original’s DLC are included as part of the “Original Mode” and two new party members – Imperial Princess Excella and Dragonslayer Jinas are unlocked for the new “Refrain Mode”. The Draconic Launch Edition comes with a collectible metal slipcase, featuring character artwork of Excella, Sonia, and Kirika.

Where can I buy it? Amazon for £44.99

Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard – 13th July – Xbox One

With Hotel Transylvania 3: A Monster Vacation about to hit the cinemas soon, Monsters Overboard is a continuation of the story. The hilarious adventure sees Dracula washed up on the Lost Islands and needing to re-unite with the rest of the gang – Frankenstein, Murray the mummy, and Wayne the werewolf. Aiding Drac on this task are a crew of loveable little creatures under his command called the Impa, who possess a variety of abilities to combine in order to solve puzzles and defeat fearsome enemies. Strategising the use of the Impa will see you delving deeper in the mysterious Lost Islands, discovering hidden treasures and secret bosses.

Where can I buy it? Amazon for £34.99

Earthfall Deluxe Edition – 13th July – Xbox One

In Earthfall, the Pacific Northwest has been invaded by aliens and it’s down to you to assemble a team of up to four players to fight back in this co-operate shooter. Teamwork is essential to drive away the menacing aliens, with tactics needed to successfully fortify your position. There’s an arsenal of 3D-printed weaponry to get your hands on, moveable barricades to place and heavy turrets to set up, all of which will help in completing the mission objectives. In total there are ten missions across two campaigns, with diverse environments and deadly enemies to battle throughout. As players fight off waves of drones and towering monsters, they’ll uncover the story behind the cataclysmic alien invasion!

The Deluxe Edition includes 12 additional weapon skins, four character skins, and the Earthfall Soundtrack.

Where can I buy it? Amazon for £39.99

LEGO The Incredibles – 13th July – Xbox One

Join the super-powered Parr family in a LEGO game based on memorable moments from both Pixar films, The Incredibles and the upcoming Incredibles 2. You’ll need to get the characters to work together to tackle crime, using their specials abilities to overcome various obstacles and take down villains such as Syndrome, Underminer, and  Screenslaver. Outside of the story levels is a hub world covering Municiberg and New Urbem, which plays host to a load of collectibles and even more crime to fight. With a whole selection of Supers at your disposal, LEGO The Incredibles is sure to provide a smashing experience for all the family.

Where can I buy it? Amazon for £41.99

Of course, if you don’t want to buy your games in disc format, you could always get involved with a digital download. Buy your points from here and save money on each digital download you make!

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