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Way back in 2017 Ubisoft treated the Xbox world to two of America’s finest game shows with the launch of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! on Xbox One. But the launch was region restricted and saw a huge swathe of players unable to enjoy the fun that the games could bring. Here and now though, in 2020 we finally see both games rock up in the UK. And if you’re after some family friendly fun to drag you through the tough times, these are it.

Available now and allowing Xbox One players in the UK to fully embrace the videogame versions of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!, these two latest additions to the Xbox Store do pretty much as you would expect, providing fun, family friendly gameplay to the masses. Taking the iconic gameshows of our time and moving them to the gaming scene isn’t something that will always work but Ubisoft seem to think that there is a big enough draw for these two galactic titans to make a mark, and so we’re not going to disagree with them.

But what do you get? Well, priced up at £15.74 each or available as a double pack for £31.74, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! on Xbox One will provide plenty of reasons to get the family playing together, as you sit back in order to answer questions and solve puzzles like never before.

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Wheel of Fortune will see you spinning that famous wheel before racking your brain and attempting to solve more than 4000 unique word puzzles that are in place, whilst Jeopardy! comes with general knowledge questions that are likely to not just test the old grey matter, but your reflexes in the process.

Each of the games comes with a variety of game modes too – a good old Classic Mode for the original experience, a Quick Mode which shortens the gameplay experience somewhat, and the Family Mode which sees everyone given a turn.

If you’re looking for fun, wish to put your mind to the test and are holding out in the hope you can take home the bragging rights over the rest of your family then you should certainly be considering a purchase of either (or both) Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy! on Xbox One. Just shoot over to the Xbox Store and grab your favourite.

Wheel of Fortune Description:

Play as a contestant on Wheel of Fortune® and enjoy an authentic TV-show experience. Spin the iconic wheel and compete with friends, family or online contestants to put your brain to the test by solving more than 4,000 unique word puzzles! Enjoy a variety of game modes: – Classic mode: enjoy the original experience of the popular game show – Quick mode: a short session with only one puzzle to solve – Family mode: get the whole family on board with specially adapted, family-friendly puzzles and modified timers Complete levels as you play, unlock new customization items to upgrade your avatars and the studio set so you never play the same game twice. Train your brain and challenge yourself everyday!

Jeopardy! Description:

Enjoy JEOPARDY! to show off your knowledge and test your reflexes as you play the iconic game of “answers and questions”. Discover a variety of game modes: – Classic mode to enjoy the full JEOPARDY! experience – Quick mode to play a shorter session with fewer categories and clues – Family mode to get the whole family on board and play with specially adapted family-friendly categories and clues. Compete against online contestants and challenge yourself with more than 2,000 clues, including visual or audio clues. Level up by answering enough clues correctly to unlock new categories and customize your game by choosing the type of categories you see on the board. Have fun and rack your brain!

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