Although there are many games consoles to choose from, the Xbox range of machines still tops the pile for many. After all, Microsoft’s awesome consoles look great and are packed full of the latest tech and powerful processing units. This means they are able to deliver not only amazing sound, but also superb graphics as well. 

As with any console, however, this is only any use if the games you can play on them are outstanding. Luckily for Xbox fans, this is true in the majority of cases. There are after all lots of iconic titles to enjoy in genres like sports, action, adventure and RPG. Despite this, it is true that Xbox has not quite mastered every gaming genre.

But which genres could you say this is the case for? 

Casino gaming 

Although Xbox has made some decent forays into casino gaming as a genre, it is fair to say that many class it as something they have not quite cracked yet. While the odd title like ‘Four Kings Casino and Slots’ did make an impression, these have been few and far between. 

This seems to have down to a previous lack of interest from Xbox gamers in this type of title and a lack of imagination from some developers in bringing casino gaming to the console in the best way. With Xbox gamers taking more interest in casino gaming as a genre lately though and casino games in general, this could be something Microsoft explore further. 

For now though, many people who like to play online slots in the most enjoyable manner simply head to internet casinos. These iGaming palaces not only contain top games to try but also have excellent bonuses, awesome customer support and a range of safe payment methods.


Another genre of game which you have to say Xbox have not quite gotten right yet is puzzle. This is a shame because puzzle games can be a lot of fun and allow you to really exercise your brain when playing. They can also come with interesting game mechanics and real longevity, especially if the puzzles within a game are tough to crack. 

While there have been some good puzzlers on the Xbox (such as Tetris Connected and Pneuma: Breath of Life), it is still a genre which the console is not overly focused on. Whether this changes over time remains to be seen but it would be nice to see Microsoft doing more to bring a wider selection of these games to the Xbox.

Life simulation titles 

Whilst you could say that Xbox is looking good in terms of simulation games overall, the niche genre of life simulation games is somewhere it falls still. Although The Sims 4 is available on Xbox One and some other versions of this franchise have been released on other Xbox consoles, this is really the only major example you can point to. 

In simple terms, this is a console which does not offer lots of choice in terms of life simulation games. These kinds of games can be a lot of fun though, and enable you to control an on-screen character as they go about their daily life. 

Despite this, it just seems like it is something PC gamers get more of a kick from than Xbox fans. In addition, the huge memory and customization requirements these kinds of games have can make them unsuitable for consoles like the Xbox. This means it is less than certain if Microsoft will ever crack this genre for their console. 


It is true to say that the Xbox has got the standard RPG genre covered, with titles such as The Outer Worlds and The Elder Scrolls V. However, it is also worth pointing out that the MMORPG genre is not something this console has succeeded in as yet. 

This mainly comes down to the technical requirements these kinds of games bring in terms of memory, which the Xbox might find a little too rich still. These kinds of games tend to be favored by PC gamers and this has seen a lack of interest in really exploring this genre from Microsoft. 

Gaming genres still to be conquered by Xbox

There is no doubt that the Xbox is a great console and has proved its worth over the years. This has seen it truly master such genres as sports, first-person shooters and action games in general. This is not to say that those behind this console have cracked every gaming genre out there as yet. As the above shows, there are still a few which Xbox players can’t quite get all they could from.