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It’s Spring and that can only mean one thing…the usual Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale has for one week been joined by the Xbox Spring Sale, bringing even more discounted titles to the table.

The thing is though, we’d much rather see a single quality deal put in place over a number of less decent ones. Thankfully, there are a few in amongst this week’s deals that you should be dropping the cash on. Similarly though, there are some real stinkers out there that you should be avoiding.

Wanna know which are which?

GrabDon’t Starve: Giant Edition Xbox One Game 50% / 40% off – £6.00

Warning. Don’t Starve Giant Edition won’t be for all. In fact, if you aren’t particularly bothered about dropping into a world full of chaos and the very best survival techniques, then skip this bit right now.

But if you are, then for £6.00 you’ll be struggling to find anything that will scratch that itch any better. The Giant Edition brings a world full of intrigue, delightful characters and the opportunity to mess around with a ton of items in the hope that you don’t starve to death. It won’t hold your hand, and it certainly won’t be there to back you up when times get tough, but if you like that kind of thing…

Our review will possibly help you decide to take the plunge even more.

GrabTransformers: Devastation Xbox One Game 60% / 50% off – £16.00

Transformers fans around the world hoped and prayed that Transformers: Devastation would be pretty decent. Well, their prayers were answered in some style.

Devastation is not only the best Transformers title you can purchase on Xbox One, it’s one of the best brawlers we’ve seen in a good old while. If you need to roll out with the Autobots, then the £16.00 price tag that is currently attached should be more than enough to get you involved.

You can thank us later!

GrabMonkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge Back Compat 75% / 65% off – £1.68

There are two reasons you should be buying Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge. Firstly, it currently costs £1.68 which in itself is low enough for anyone to sit up and pay notice, and secondly, it’s backward compatible meaning you can play it on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

In fact, there’s a third reason you should be buying it. It’s Monkey Island! Need I elaborate further?

TempterJust Cause 3 Xbox One Game 33% / 25% off – £30.14

We like to be tempted every now and then and this week, Just Cause 3 is the one messing with our mind. It’s a brilliant game and should be on the hit list of every Xbox One gamer. The current £30 price tag isn’t quite as low as we’d like to see it but for something that is still only a few months old, has an absolute ton of gameplay involved and is quite possibly the craziest, most enjoyable game that you can play on this console, is most definitely worth a look.

LeaveEA SPORTS FIFA 16 Super Deluxe Edition Xbox One Game 33% / 25% off – £53.59

Football fan? Check. Xbox One owner? Check. Want to play your mates online? Check.

FIFA 16 covers all of those bases and some more but still we’re putting this in to the leave category. There are a couple of reasons for that, so bear with me whilst I explain.

First up, any football fan worth their salt will have already purchased FIFA 16. It’s by far the best football title to date and the only way to have a real proper good time with your mates, even in a 1vs1 match or via the brilliant Clubs system. With that in mind, the near on £55 price tag for the Super Deluxe Edition ain’t going to convince someone who is sat on the fence.

There is a second reason we’ve included EA’s finest in here though, and that’s to do with the stunning EA Access scheme…something we’d highly expect to be seeing FIFA 16 involved in soon. For £20/year, you can get access to a huge number of games, playing them till your hearts content. If past history is anything to go by, FIFA 16 will be in that Vault ready for access within a couple of months.

So save your £53.59 and spend twenty quid of that on an EA Access pass instead.

LeaveGrand Theft Auto V & Megalodon Shark Cash Card Bundle Xbox One Game 50% / 40% off – £59.87

We seem to include GTA V in this section on a fairly regular basis and unfortunately we’ll continue to do so until that damn Megalodon Shark Cash Card is unbundled and we see the game at a nice low price.

It’s a stunning game, but it’s also getting on a bit and if it didn’t have the words ‘Grand Theft Auto’ attached, we’d hazard a guess at seeing a whole different price, quite possibly one under £20.  Until then, give it a miss.

Leave – Any of the other titles that only bring a 10% discount 

Do I really need to explain why? Just sit back and wait for them to be dropped in price properly. 10% isn’t worth the hassle.

You can find the full Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spring sale discounts right here but unless you are feeling super rich, it’s probably for the best that you save even more money by heading over to CDKeys and picking yourself up some super cheap Xbox Live credit. You know it makes sense.

We’d love it if you could tell us which bargains you pick up too. Hit us up in the comments below.

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