The latest Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight sale is here and once more we are seeing the Xbox Spring sale tag along with a ton of newly discounted Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles. But which are the standout bargains of the week, which are slightly tempting and which should you totally ignore? We take a look at the best and worst of the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale bargains available between the 10th-16th April 2018.

GrabOvercooked: Gourmet Edition – £5.41 – 67% off

If it is fast, frantic fun that you are looking for on Xbox One, then Overcooked: Gourmet Edition is one of the more promising titles.

Tasking you and up to three others to dash around a wacky level, preparing meals by going through different tasks, all the while with obstacles and the constant time pressure to deliver your meals, Overcooked will get extremely hectic, extremely quickly. Your culinary skills will be tested across a multitude of crazy worlds, from slippery icebergs to the deep darkness of space! Despite these less than ideal environments, you must work together to prepare soups, burritos and the like.

And with the previously released Lost Morsel level pack thrown in, a 67% discount at £5.60 is most definitely a steal – just be aware that you may lose a few good friends in the process.

GrabKill the Bad Guy – 45% off – £3.07

Even the most warped of criminals get away – but not on your watch. At least not with Kill the Bad Guy. As a part of a shady secret organisation, you must take out these ‘Bad Guys’ in the bloodiest way possible. In order to do this, you must get creative, utilising every part of your environment to trap your target and dispose of them without a soul suspecting you of the ordeal.

But it’s not like the murder will look subtle, as in the white surroundings even a drop of blood will stick out like a sore thumb, and dropping a piano on a man lets out a lot of blood. Apparently. All the environmental hazards make for some delightfully bloody kills, leaving a permanently wicked smile plastered across your face.

With more than 60 levels and the ability to replay each level in order to obtain the largest score, picking up Kill the Bad Guy for just £3.07 should be almost a necessity – if only for the considerable amount of replayability found within!

GrabAven Colony – 50% off – £12.50

There seems to be a bit of a resurgence of city-sims on Xbox as of late, and last year one of the games leading the charge was Aven Colony – a unique title on account of setting the player the task of making a sustainable colony in space. The crazy planet that you will find yourself on is Aven Prime, full of strange alien species and a variety of different conditions.

As you can imagine working in space comes with some unusual issues, such as oxygen management, crop growth, citizen happiness and even commuting! As well as this, the full day/night and season cycle will affect how you grow your food, and as you can imagine, when winter calls your solar panels will generate less electricity – you must be able to cope with this!

When you aren’t managing your own colony, you may choose to send out expeditionary teams to find the secrets (and even hostile species!) that can be found within Aven Prime.

Want to have your own opportunity to form humanity’s first extrasolar settlement for £12.50? This should be one you won’t want to miss out on!

TempterF1 2017 – 60% off – £16.50

With the commencement of the F1 season recently, there is no better time to pick up and experience the latest F1 title from Codemasters for just a quarter of the price!

F1 2017 comes with your usual Career mode, with a 10 year run to become the best driver on the planet, as well as some varied gameplay in the newly introduced Championships mode. As with many titles before it, F1 2017 includes many offline and online modes, ensuring that your time with the game won’t be a simple ten minute stint. If you are in it to win it, then you can take a shot at the 2017 World Championship and take the top spot on the podium.

Any graphically outstanding Xbox One X Enhanced title for a quarter of the original price should be taken into consideration, and F1 2017 is the most complete Formula 1 title to date, perfect for any budding fan who wants to take the likes of Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Well, that is the case until F1 2018 comes out, I suppose, and this is one of the main reasons why F1 2017 is not an absolute out and out bargain.

LeaveKingdom Come: Deliverance – 17% off – £45.64

Any huge game that is being discounted only slightly is really one not to bother with – and unless you are a massive fan of uber-realistic, hundred hour titles on your Xbox One, Kingdom Come: Deliverance should not be picked up. The game released last month with challenging combat, a huge open world and a multi-faceted story for a gamer to be involved in for many hours.

For many, Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be way too realistic and give you too much to worry about for a fun experience – it won’t take long for your time with the game to become extremely stressful. It may have in-depth historical accuracy and beautiful Xbox One X Enhanced visuals, but the presence of many glitches at launch could put quite a few off from picking this one up.

A £55 reduced to £45? No, not for me – and I advise you to wait a while until the bugs have been patched and the price reduced substantially.

LeaveRugby 18 – 60% off – £18.00

It may be that Rugby 18 is one of the best rugby titles you are going to get on Xbox One, but that doesn’t compensate for the sometimes awkward, boring low-scoring matches and the limited amount of offline and online modes.

Devs Bigben Interactive have infused Rugby 18 with a number of official players and teams from the 2017 season, as well as the My Squad mode, allowing you to form your dream team of rugby players in what is an Ultimate Team like gig. And typically you can play a friend in local or online 1 on 1s, but further than that and you won’t be finding much more except some alright visuals that are helped by the Xbox One X Enhanced goodness it comes with.

Yes, there is a pretty hefty discount for this one, with the overall price being £18, but Rugby 18 is pretty much only for the die hard rugby fans crying out for something on Xbox One. And the chances are Rugby 19 will soon be here with updated players and most likely better graphics… save your money!


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For the full list of the discounts available via the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spring Sale for 10th-16th April 2018, then hit up our article below.

Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Details 10th-16th April 2018 + Spring add-on sale!


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