The Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale has found itself accompanied this week by a rather huge add-on sale that has seen the quantity of discounted items available rise above the usual levels known by all Xbox One and Xbox 360 players. But does quantity come out on top over the much preferred quality aspect that we are used to looking for?

Well, the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale for 14th-20th August 2018 is full of the good, the bad and the very tempting! Join us as we take a look at the best and worst of the offers available in Xbox land this week.

GrabDemon’s Crystals – 50% off – £2.00

All you really want from a game featured in the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale is for it to be a super cheap pocket money bargain. Demon’s Crystals is that.

A twin stick shooter in which you take charge of a Urican demon and blast your way through a multitude of different levels, this may not be the most refined game in the world, and it may not be the best twin sticker the world has ever seen, but for £2.00, it’s an utter bargain.

With cooperative opportunities that allow you and up to 3 other mates the chance to beat down bosses, level up skills and fight your way through a variety of game modes, Demon’s Crystals will most certainly sort you out.

What else can you buy for £2? Not much is the answer!

GrabBattlefield 1 – 85% off – £5.95

85% off a game as big as Battlefield 1? That really shouldn’t be ignored.

Think what you like about the way EA go about things (and you only need to look further through this article to spot the bad side), but if you are after the chance to partake in some serious battles, Battlefield 1 delivers.

With a massive 85% off the usual price of the dawn of all-out war, whether you’re looking to take in the solo campaign, or take part in the most epic of multiplayer battles, then you only need to scrape together a few quid for that to become a reality.

EA Access members may wonder what the fuss is about, and if truth be told, it would still be preferred if you went and purchased a year long sub to the rather brilliant Access scheme instead. But if you don’t wish to go down that route, and do want to lead horse charges, take charge of vehicles over the land, air and sea, all whilst dishing out as much death and destruction as you possibly can, then Battlefield 1 is the game for you!

TempterONRUSH Digital Deluxe Edition – 50% off – £32.50

You played ONRUSH this past weekend didn’t you? You know, because it was available as a free-player via the Xbox free weekend. Did you like it? Thought so. Most people who give it a chance do.

Due to the timing of the free ONRUSH experience that has recently hit Xbox One, the fact that Codemasters ‘racer without a finish line’ is now discounted says a lot for the marketing teams around the globe. I mean, once you’ve checked out the huge amount of fun that ONRUSH delivers, there is very little way to ignore it in a sale.

And that is exactly what we have here and whilst ONRUSH may have been hugely overpriced upon its release, the 50% off we are seeing for the Digital Deluxe Edition shouldn’t be sniffed at. When you find that version cheaper than the standard game too – even with it’s extra goodies – then this is one serious temptation purchase.

If you’re looking for a racer that delivers a massive adrenaline rush as you take down oncomers, then the fast paced, super smooth world of ONRUSH is the game you are looking for. Give it a try – you may just like it!

LeaveThe Sims 4 Multiple DLC Packs – Various prices

I’m going to put it out there right now and say that the extortionate price being asked for The Sims 4 and the huge number of DLC packs that are available for it has got out of hand.

In fact, as much as I love what EA do, and as much as I understand the draw of The Sims, paying near on the price of a regular game just for some extra content really ain’t on. Granted, those who want the very best for their Sims will no doubt argue that life is too short to let the worry of money get in the way of allowing the lifelike Sims a world of fun, glory and entertainment, but c’mon, it’s all a bit crazy isn’t it?

For that reason alone, I am sitting here this week to tell you to ignore the likes of the City Life pack (£17.50 AFTER discount), the Vampires set (£10.79) and the Parenthood pack (£16.19), and will instead tell you to spend that money on the other games listed above instead.

I’m sure your Sims will get on just fine without the added extras that these packs bring. And let’s be honest, what they don’t know about won’t hurt em!


So that’s it for this week and whilst a quick glance at the full Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale for 14th-20th August 2018 looks to be one full of discounted deals, the truth of the matter is that if you aren’t interested in DLC packs and Season passes, there really isn’t an awful lot to get too excited by.

Of course, should you wish to take up our recommendations, then make sure you pop over to CDKeys and nab some of their cheap Xbox Live Credit in order to see your cash go just that little bit further.

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