The Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale is back and there are a number of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games seeing heavily discounted prices this week. But there are also a few dodgy little titles that would be best off ignoring – if only for the price which is set. Which are the best and worst of the Xbox One and Xbox 360 deals found in the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 17th-23rd April 2018? Let’s take a look.

Grab – Let Them Come – 40% off – £3.83

It’s all well and good getting yourself invested in a huge 100-hour adventure that takes up every single spare second of your day. But occasionally we just want to sit down with a quick time waster. Let Them Come is that game.

And when it comes in at £3.83, it ensures that the brilliant fun found in jumping into mercenary gunner, Rock Gunar’s, shoes is even more tempting.

Holding down a fire button and wiping out numerous waves of enemies never gets old and some may complain that Let Them Come is a simple affair that brings little. But I disagree and as a game that will happily deliver Achievements and Gamerscore galore, Let Them Come should be on your purchase list.

Grab – White Noise 2 – 50% off – £4.00

White Noise 2? What the hell is that?

Well, it’s a hugely fun 4v1 game that works brilliantly when you can get together a few online mates for a scare or too. The only White Noise that is available on Xbox One gives you the chance to play as either an Investigator as you stumble around in the dark, hunting for clues, grabbing objects and cooperating with your partners, or as the Monster, who has no other objective in life other than to scare, and ultimately eat, the Investigators.

With multiple abilities and tools available no matter which side you are on, White Noise 2 turns in to a super tense, highly addictive horror experience that is utterly awesome with friends.

Granted, it’s not anywhere near as good alone, but with it available at a low price, should you and a few mates be on the lookout for a new game to play, this is it.

Leave – Hello Neighbor – 33% off – £16.07

You’ve got to remember that this is an article looking at the very best discounts available to Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamers this week. With that in mind, the 33% being removed from Hello Neighbor neither brings the game down to a reasonable price point, nor stands up well alongside other much more exciting discounts.

Another horror title in a similar vein to White Noise 2, this one is much more of a cartoony, lighter, stealthy affair, rather than delivering the multiple scare after scare that the 4v1 multiplayer title above delivers.

Instead it is left to you to go up against your friendly neighborhood AI as you try to sneak into their house and work out what dastardly secrets are contained within. With cameras and traps all present, it won’t be easy – but then it’s not meant to be!

It has to be said that Hello Neighbor is just about worth a play, but that price really could do with coming down a little bit more. Especially when it is in and amongst all manner of other cracking sale-fuelled titles. For now, give it a miss, but should you find it for closer to a tenner, then snap it up!

So there we have it. If you quite like the look of those games we’ve mentioned and fancy picking them up, then make sure you check out the super cheap Xbox Live Credit that CDKeys are dealing with – if only to save yourself a little more cash.

For the full list of the discounts available via the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spring Sale for 17th-23rd April 2018, then hit up our article below.

Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Details 17th-23rd April 2018


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