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The latest Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale is now up and running, bringing a number of discounts to both Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners. But unless you’ve recently won a substantial amount of cash on the lottery, chances are you won’t be able to justify purchasing each and every game that has been treated to a price cut. So which are the best and which are the worst deals of the week? Let us tell you!

Being honest, this week’s deals are a little disappointing. With quantity raising its ugly head over the quality aspect, we’ve been given a whole ton of discounts on some great games…but very few are the kind of discounts that we want to see the Xbox Deals With Gold sale get involved in. In fact, other than one title on Xbox 360, you may want to keep your wallet closed this week.

Grab – Beautiful Katamari – 75% off – £3.74

£3.74 for a beautifully created game like no other. Do we need to continue?

Take your Katamari and begin rolling around collecting stuff in order to increase its size. It’s a simple concept but is one that works extremely well and when it can be found in a sale for £3.74, then we reckon you should be picking it up in an instant…if only for the quirky action that it brings.

Tempter – Crimsonland – 33% off – £7.50

We’re struggling a bit here and we wouldn’t normally be throwing the name of Crimsonland out there, but when you place it alongside the other stupidly priced deals that are running for this week, then Crimsonland may just be your only Xbox One bet.

It’s the cheapest of the lot and so if you are looking for a new twin stick shooter in which you’ll be tasked with clearing out hundreds of enemies, then this could well be the one for you. Our review can sort you out with more info, but the £7.50 on offer is most definitely a bit of a tempter. If only they could have brought it down a little more then we’d be throwing it in as a ‘grabber’.

Leave – Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition – 35% off – £68.24

Hi Star Wars, how are you? Why don’t you come down in price a bit more!?

No matter how much you love the Star Wars franchise, we’re struggling to be able to point you in the direction of the Ultimate Edition of Battlefront – at least not at this price. We understand that there is a considerable discount in place, but the initial price itself is far too high for anyone to really consider it a worthwhile purchase.

Come back to us with a 75% discount and we’ll talk some more.

Leave – MXGP – The Official Motocross Videogame – 50% off – £12.49

With the 360 offers this week being the only ones with real value, MXGP sticks out like a sore thumb. £12.49 may tempt in those who are ingrained in the motocross way of life, but for anyone else? It’s not really anywhere near enough to tempt a casual player in, especially when it’s sitting alongside other titles like Beautiful Katamari.

And that’s a shame because the official Motocross videogame on Xbox 360 isn’t too bad. Granted, it’s not pulling up any trees, but for a decent physics based two-wheeled racer on the old generation, it’s your best bet.

The price doesn’t do it any justice though.

If you need a wider range of titles to grab, then you can find the full Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale right here. If you like what you see and want to save even more money, then head over to CDKeys and pick yourself up some super cheap Xbox Live credit.

Don’t forget to let us know what you pick up in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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