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You may well have noticed that there’s a new Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale up and running. Filled with bargains for Xbox Live Gold members, the sale prices will stay in place between 23rd-30th June 2015, but which are the ones to pick up…and which are best avoided?

Being honest, Xbox One owners are probably going to struggle to find any real bargains. The prices on much of that included aren’t quite enough for our liking, but that said, Xbox 360 gamers should be splashing the cash on a number of games right now.

Grab – Another World 20th Anniversary Edition – £3.20/$4.00 (50% off) – Xbox One

Another World isn’t the best game you’re ever going to play on Xbox One, but if you are a gamer of a certain age (ie, 35+), then it’s sure to bring back plenty of memories.

At the price of a beer, nostalgia is surely worth reliving! If you’re still not sure, check out our review.

Leave – The Evil Within Digital Bundle – £35.74/$43.99 (45% off) – Xbox One

The Evil Within splits Xbox One gamers opinions massively. Some love it, some hate it and others are so scared of it that they are still having nightmares now!

Whilst the Digital Bundle brings all the latest DLC along with the full game, the price on offer just isn’t low enough to get us excited. Yes, there’s plenty of content and if you’re after a scare then jump on in, but chances are it’ll be considerably cheaper again pretty soon.

Grab – Dishonored – $6.79 / £5.09 (67% off) – Xbox 360

Dishonored jumped up and whacked us round the face a few times when we first played it on Xbox 360. Going slightly under the radar at the time, we were amazed with the story and multiple playthrough paths that were available. With the game coming to Xbox One soon, and a sequel on its way, now is as good a time as any to get involved.

Creativity is key and how you go about things in Dishonored is completely up to you!

Grab – Splinter Cell: Double Agent – $4.99 / £2.24 (75% off) – Xbox 360

Any game that involved Sam Fisher just HAS to be played.

Double Agent may not be the best Splinter Cell title out there but it certainly isn’t bad at all. Some may knock it as a six year old game, but for a little over two quid, only the most hardened of haters will be able to turn it down.

Whether you stealth your way through things as a Spy, or blast your way to glory as a Mercenary, Double Agent should well suffice.

Grab – Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – $4.99 / £2.24 (75% off) – Xbox 360

As above really as it is the price that really sells thing here.

Whilst Mr Fisher brings us the full on stealth, Ghost Recon sees us laying prone for a few hours, trying to pick off the intended target. Or at least it did until Future Soldier brought us enough toys and gadgets to sink a small island.

Take on the role of the legendary Ghosts across 14 missions and eight spectacular locations as the tech of tomorrow gives you the chance to track down some of the highest value targets the world over.

Leave – GTA V – $24.99 / £20.82 (58% off) – Xbox 360

What? GTA V on the leave it list? Are you some kind of madman?

Well, possibly yes, and whilst we’d never tell you not to buy one of the best ever Xbox 360 games, the fact is that amongst this weeks company, GTA V stands out at a price point that is a little too high for our liking. For a game that is near on two years old, and probably already picked up by the vast majority of Xbox 360 owners, we would have liked to see it come down by another fiver at the very least.

You’re not going to dislike GTA V, but if you haven’t yet played it, then it may be worth waiting just a little bit longer!

You can find the full Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale for 23rd-30th June 2015 right here.

Let us know what you pick up!

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