As Xbox owners we have been treated to all manner of cut price games over the last few weeks. With the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale holding its own amongst the recent Game Fest discounts, it’s great to see such a wide range of titles discounted down to more than reasonable prices.

Yet again though it’s time for a new batch of Xbox titles to be slapped with the bargain stick and right now a host of games will once more be vying for your cash and attention. But which are the best deals available in the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 29th May – 4th June 2018? And which are the worst? We take a look.

Grab – Aaero – £6.00

We may not be seeing the utter bargains of last week occurring this time round (that £1 for Pac 256 was brilliant), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a number of decent games well worth picking up this week.

The best of those, when you take into account the price tag as well, has to be Aaero. It’s probably the best without worrying about the price too.

If ever there was a game that urged you to strap on a set of cans, turn the volume up to 11 and immerse yourself in to a wonderful world full of colour and sound, then Aaero from Mad Fellows is it. An on-rails shooter that embraces the beat, you’ll be tasked with following light ribbons and taking down alien forces as you blast your way across the surface of various alien planets, with simple but brilliant visuals and an utterly outstanding audio style helping push you along.

A game that I would wholeheartedly recommend at its usual price, you should be snapping up Aaero for just £6 right now.

Tempter – Rocket League – £8.79

I know, I know. Everyone already has a copy of Rocket League sat in their digital game library.

But it may surprise you to hear that there are still a few strange people out there who haven’t yet experienced the RC car mayhem found on a Rocket League pitch. And that is why I’m placing Pysonix’s stunning title in here.

Cheaper would have been nice, if only to really tempt the fence sitters in, but for less than a tenner you’re going to struggle to find anything as addictive as a match of Rocket League. No matter whether you have friends with the game or not (and chances are, you will), or whether you just wish to go it alone and climb the leagues, Rocket League delivers in spades.

If you don’t yet own it, please make sure you sort it out as a matter of urgency. I bet you get tempted in to the purchase of one of the numerous discounted DLC packs too!

Leave – NASCAR Heat 2 – £17.99

I’m not putting NASCAR Heat 2 in this Leave section because of the price. I’m putting it in here because it is a dire racing title.

And if there is one thing Xbox owners are not short of, it’s a decent racing game or two.

But then you don’t even need to put NASCAR Heat 2 in alongside the likes of Forza 7, Horizon 3, the WRX titles or DiRT games in order to realise that it is a bit of a duff addition. For it does that well enough on its own.

Granted, it’s a better option than the utter rubbish of the first NASCAR title to hit Xbox One, but with tedious gameplay, and a visual style that is pretty much a decade old already, this is one racer to leave parked up at the side of the road. And yes, that price doesn’t help sell it either!


Should you wish to take us up on our recommendations, then you should really look to save even more cash by visiting CDKeys prior to putting any purchase in. Their cheap Xbox Live credit is simple to buy and even simpler to redeem. You’d be crazy to purchase anything from the Microsoft Store without it.

As always, let us know what you’ll be picking up by posting in the comments below. You can also find the full list of Xbox titles on sale this week by hitting up this article.

Enjoy the discounts!


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