This time last week we were struggling to find any real bargains in the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale. Thank god we now have access to a ton of new Xbox One and Xbox 360 games on sale then eh, and this time round there is some super cheap fun for all the family. In fact, it’s a great week for bargain hunters looking for a new experience.

But which are the best and worst offers found in the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 3rd-9th July 2018? We take a look.

Grab – Race The Sun – 70% off – £2.40

Race The Sun delivers the most simple of rules – don’t crash!

And those two words power the entirity of this fast paced, super slick runner as you get the chance to hop behind the wheel of a solar powered spacecraft and head on towards the sun.

It will only be by picking up speed boosts and dodging multiple obstacles will you find yourself reversing the motion of the setting sun, keeping alive your chances to inch just a little bit further each and every time you play.

And whilst it won’t be the longest experience you have ever found in your gaming life, should you be in need of some short sharp hits of focus, then I’m not sure there is much that can compete with Race The Sun. Especially at this stupidly low price.

Grab – Dynamite Fishing – World Games – 50% off – £2.00

Dynamite Fishing – World Games is not going to be the best game you’ve ever played – you can tell that from one simple look at the visuals. But it is fun, and it is cheap, and so that means you should seriously consider picking it up.

£4 is its usual price and that isn’t ever going to break the bank, but with 50% off that, and just a £2.00 price tag in place, this fun redneck fishing title is more than worth a hit. Especially if you just want mindless, yet explosive, fishing fun.

Grab – Embers of Mirrim – 60% off – £6.40

I was tempted to put Embers of Mirrim in the middle-ground here, sitting as a bit of a tempter to those who fancied something a bit different. But the more I thought about it, the more I had to lean towards telling the world to buy Embers of Mirrim. Why? Because it is utterly brilliant.

An action platformer that sees a host of puzzle action thrown in for good measure, from the very first cinematic found in Embers of Mirrim, you know you are going to be in for a good time, utilising independent twin stick controls, taking in levels which could be hung in an art gallery and helping the strange animal hybrid that is Mirrim restore peace and balance to the world.

Without a word of a lie, Embers of Mirrim is a stunner and the £6.40 price that it is coming with for the next week should be more than tempting you in. Do yourself a favour and experience this wonderful game today!

Leave – Super Mega Baseball 2 – 25% off – £17.99

Super Mega Baseball 2 is not a bad game – far from it in fact. But I’m having to lump it in this Leave section due to two standout reasons.

Firstly, just a couple of short months ago this was debuting as a totally free Xbox Games With Gold title, pushing its ball hitting mechanics to a huge range of gamers for nothing.

Secondly, the measly 25% off doesn’t stack up with the brilliant discounts found elsewhere in this week’s Deals With Gold sale, especially when you take into account the awesome savings on a number of family friendly titles – none more so than the three listed above.

In fact, should you wish to purchase Dynamite Fishing, Embers of Mirrim and Race The Sun, then all three games can be purchased for near on half the price of SMB2 – and you’ll still have plenty of change leftover to buy another one or two as well.

By all means, if you are a massive baseball fan, get a play of Super Mega Baseball 2 when you can. But in order for it to become a bit more appealing we need to see bigger price drops further down the line.


If you wish to take us up on our recommendations then you could do a whole load worse than hit up the team at CDKeys prior to putting your purchase in. Their cheap Xbox Live Credit is well worth nabbing.

For the full list of discounts available in the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale for 3rd-9th July 2018, hit up this article.

Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Details 3rd-9th July 2018

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