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Each and every week we bring you the full Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale details. But each and every week we’ll get Tweets, Facebook messages, G+ shouts and article comments asking us which of the current bargains we would recommend. So hey, why don’t we tell you?

This weeks Deals With Gold may be lacking slightly on Xbox One, but Xbox 360 owners have a veritable feast of cheap games. That said, the first we mention below is something all Xbox One owners should consider…

Far Cry 4 – Discounted to £38.49 (£52.49 for the Gold Edition)

It needs no selling. EVERYONE should have played (or at least thought about playing) Far Cry 4.

With both the standard game and its Gold brother both discounted on Xbox One, the time could be right for you to jump on a truck and head towards the Himalayas. Ajay Ghale needs your help in his fight against Pagan Min’s forces in one of the most beautiful, immersive open worlds that you’ll be able to find on Xbox One.

Some say it doesn’t offer enough over its predecessor Far Cry 3. Our review says that it’s quite easily on a par with it and many will find it even better. 100 hours plus of gameplay investment means that whatever you think, it’ll keep you going for some time yet.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue – Discounted to £33.49

£33.49 may not seem super cheap and Rogue may not have had the fanfare release that its more beautiful Assassin’s Creed cousin Unity received, but if you don’t have access to an Xbox One then it should be right up on your ‘to play’ list. Our review will give you the full lowdown on why it should be a purchase and yes, perhaps in a few months it’ll be even cheaper than it currently is, but can you wait a few months? The story of Shay Patrick Cormac deserves a look pronto.

JUJU – Discounted to £5.99

Billed as the perfect family coop platformer, JUJU only came out six weeks or so ago. Flying Wild Hog have tried to bring us a game that, no matter what your gaming skill level, will appeal to all. And if you’re prepared to give it a blast in short 10-15 minute hits, then you’ll find something pretty desirable…albeit super easy.

It’s not quite the ‘game for kids’ that first impressions hint at, but it’s not that far off. Our review tells all and for the currently discounted price of £5.99 should be worthy of your cash.

Rocket Riot – Discounted to £1.69

£1.69 doesn’t even buy you half a pint of beer but for this week only, it does buy you a basic but fun, rockety blast.

Coming into its own when you’ve got family and friends round, Rocket Riot may have first been released back in 2009 but the destructible game arenas and lovable 8-bit style means it’s something you’ll keep going back to for ‘a good time’. Even now it’s one of my go-to games for whenever a bit of stress and tension needs to be released!

Did I mention it’s only £1.69? No-brainer.

You can check out the full Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale for 3rd-10th Feb 2015 right here. Let us know which deals you pick up…if we didn’t already have them, the ones above would be certain purchases.



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