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The Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale for 3rd-9th November 2015 is now up and running. If we’re being honest, it seems like the best bargains are being held back for a later time (Black Friday anyone?) but that’s not to say there isn’t anything to grab this week; in fact, they are a couple of absolute stunners out there. Which should you be picking up…and which should you be leaving well alone?!?

Well, the Xbox 360 offers are only really going to appeal to those looking to check out Mass Effect 2 or Mass Effect 3 again but Xbox One gamers have a couple of titles that should be on every single gamers list of must-plays!

For a change, there is hardly anything not worthy of your cash this week.

Grab – Sparkle Unleashed – £3.20/$4.00 – Xbox One

If you’re looking for something which will give you the chance to calmly waste a few hours, Sparkle Unleashed is that thing.

Bringing you no less than 108 levels, 23 game changing powerups and a soundtrack to keep the mood right, Sparkle Unleashed requires you to match spheres, clear the play field and overcome increasingly difficult arenas. Chained orbs, rock orbs and more will all be in place to hold you back, but Sparkle is quite easily one of the best Xbox One digital only titles out there…and this current price means it’s a no-brainer.

Have a read of our review if you still need convincing.

Grab – Wolfenstein: The New Order – £16.50/$19.80 – Xbox One

Usually retailing at £50, the £16.50 price point that The New Order currently finds itself at is a good one. Yes, it’s way over the usual stuff we urge you to purchase in the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sales, but this one is worth a little look.

Bringing you many hours of battling gameplay, get ready to step into the shoes of B.J. Blazkowic as you take on numerous super soldiers and hardcore mechs.

We’re hazarding a guess that we’ll soon be seeing it’s little brother, The Old Blood appear in a sale some time soon so you may as well grab this while you can…and then continue the story with that at a later date.

Grab – Spectra – £3.00/$3.75 – Xbox One

Spectra isn’t  the best game in the world, but then it’s not the worst either, and for £3.00 is quite possibly worth a shot. An 8-bit racer with one of the most addictive soundtracks going, you’ll need to weave your way across the ribbon of light in order to reach the end of the track. It’s super easy to pick up and play, but does come in a little on the short side.

However if you’re only spending £3.00, then surely the length of the title isn’t too much of an issue? If you’re interested, have a read of our review.

Check out the full Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale details for 3rd-9th November right here.

…and don’t forget to save yourself even more money by purchasing some lovely cheap Xbox credit first.


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