The Xbox Live Deals With Gold Sale is at its very best when it is found delivering massive discounts on a huge number of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. With last week’s sale not quite hitting the big numbers gamers are clamouring for, and the biggest Xbox sale in history getting ready to arrive from the 7th June, it is left to the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 5th-11th June 2018 to keep Xbox gamers happy. And this week it is doing just that.

But which are the very best deals on the table, and which are the worst? Join us as we take a little look.

Grab – Demon’s Crystals – 75% off – £1.00

You may never have heard of a Urican Demon, but with a price point of just £1.00, you’ll certainly want to get to know them in Demon’s Crystals.

A twin stick shooter that oozes fun, Demon’s Crystals delivers a grindy experience that sees you taking a few demons through a number of levels before attempting to take down the odd boss or three. And whilst that may not sell it to you, and the amount of content included certainly won’t keep you going for weeks on end, what is included is decent fun and well worth the £1 requested.

An online side of things may have sold it further, but should you be in the market for a quick fix of solo twin stick shooting then Demon’s Crystals will more than suffice.

Grab – Anoxemia – 75% off – £1.60

Anoxemia is pretty much the exact opposite to Demon’s Crystals mentioned above. For this story driven explorer brings more than 35 levels, plenty of puzzles, a horror themed tale that is brilliantly narrated and a huge smattering of challenging gameplay. But like Demon’s Crystals, it’s now super cheap.

If you want to head to the ocean floor and take in a super cheap story, there is nothing else even worth considering this week.

Tempter – Vostok Inc – 50% off – £6.00

If you’re looking for a cheerful little game which will allow you to sink a whole ton of your game time into it, then Vostok Inc is the game for you.

A game that tasks you with making moolah (that’s cash to you and I), Vostok will drop you into the shoes of the CEO of Vostok Inc, allowing you to push your a greedy capitalist  ways to the limit in order to become filthy, stinking, rich!

With an entire universe to explore, multiple planets to land on before harnessing their wealth, Vostok plays out like a cross between the stupidly addictive Clicker Heroes, and the brilliant space adventures found in Geometry Wars – all with the intention of seeing you make the most money possible.

It’s addictive, and it’s a grind, and at £6.00 it’s seriously tempting.

Leave – Pure Farming 2018 – 30% off – £24.49

Over the course of this generation of gaming, there have been a decent number of farming titles hit our consoles. None have been overly great.

Pure Farming 2018 is however quite possibly the best of the bunch, but that doesn’t mean you should be picking it up via the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale this week. For that £24.49 price tag is just too much to even consider – especially when you put it alongside the other super cheap titles available this week.

Of course, should you have cash to burn and need to get your farming fix, then consider a purchase of Pure Farming as it pretty much does everything any budding farmer could ever wants. But don’t expect to be finding a bargain.

If you’re new to these parts, then make sure you save yourself even more cash by purchasing some super cheap Xbox Live credit from CDKeys prior to putting any purchase in. It is simple to buy and even simpler to redeem – so simple in fact that you’d be crazy to purchase anything from the Microsoft Store without it.

As always, let us know what you’ll be picking up by posting in the comments below. You can also find the full list of Xbox titles on sale this week by hitting up this article.


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