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The latest Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale is live. But which of the bargains on offer should you pick up?

Truth be told, the sale deals this week very much see quantity prevail over quality, but we’ve managed to dig a couple of games out that you should really be thinking about taking a look at…especially if you fancy yourself as a bit of a racer.

Forza Horizon 2 Deluxe Edition – 30% off – £39.19 – Xbox One

Forza Horizon 2 is quite possibly the greatest racing title to have ever been created and the Deluxe Edition brings the full game and VIP membership. This entitles racers to more cars, a greater in-game reward system and the occasional gift. We all like free gifts!

If you feel really fancy with your cash and want to consider a bit of a longer term involvement, then the Ultimate Edition for a smidge over £50 is always worth considering.

F1 2014 – 50% off – £14.99 – Xbox 360

Codemasters may have decided that they’d release last years F1 iteration only on last gen consoles, and for many that was a poor decision, but this means Xbox 360 owners can grab a fine racing title at a super fine price.

It may not have the glitz and glamour of the Xbox One bargain above, but if you are fully ingrained into the world of F1, then the 2014 version is worth a shot. With Codies seemingly intent on only delivering future titles on the more powerful consoles, then F1 2014 could well be the last and most up-to-date Formula One experience on Xbox 360.

Other than the two above, we are struggling to see anything else that is a worthwhile purchase in the current Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale. Of course, if you think different, let us know in the comments below, otherwise, get over to the Xbox Games Store and get your downloads moving.

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[…] Neil Watton (neil363) The latest Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale is live. But which of the bargains on offer should you […]