The barren gaming period is fast approaching and before you know it the swathes of new releases that we’ve become accustomed to would have dried up. And that is where the pile of shame comes in to play as we get time to dedicate a bit of our gaming sessions to working through older games that we’ve been longing to complete. It’s also a great time to check out those games which may have passed us by the first time around – games that you can probably now pick up on the cheap.

One of the best ways of getting hold of those is by checking out the Xbox Live Deals With Gold Sale titles, and once more we are being treated to a ton of newly discounted games. But which are the hot games on offer this week and which should you be ignoring? We take a look at the best and worst from the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale of 8th-15th May 2018.

Grab – Aaero – 50% off – £6.00

Aaero, and its developer, Mad Fellows, have made huge strides in the indie gaming scene. Pushing the independent vibe at every opportunity you have to hand it to them for being so passionate about not just a game, but a whole way of life. And that passion comes through in waves with Aaero.

A musical ribbon light tracer, it is up to you to move your ship in time with the drum and bass beats that emit from your speakers, destroying alien forces and earning high scores in the process.

With a stunning visual style and soundtracks that will have you begging for more, Aaero is something pretty special and is well worth a look. In fact, it’s worth more than a look and is pretty much an essential indie gaming purchase.

Forget about the big names and just spend a bit of time with a game that delivers huge amounts of fun. A game like Aaero.

Grab – Mantis Burn Racing – 50% off – £6.00

If you’re after a top-down racing game that puts huge emphasis into vehicle physics, then I’m not sure there is anything better than Mantis Burn Racing.

Bumper to bumper fuelled racing ensures that the considerable campaign will keep you busy for many a week, and after that the promise of both local and online play will see your time extended. Stunning visuals, a deep RPG style upgrade system and multiple challenges will then see you and Mantis Burn Racing getting closer than you ever thought.

For just £6.00, if you’re a racing fan then this is something you should be snapping up pronto.

Grab – Just Cause 3 XL Edition – 80% off – £8.00

If there were one game that is centred totally on fun, then Just Cause 3 is it. And my god, what fun it brings.

The XL Edition of Just Cause 3 ensures that that fun goes on even longer than the already considerable base game as you and Rico Rodriguez create chaos in the most creative and explosive ways possible.

With guns a plenty, vehicles coming out of your ears and fireworks filling the skies every which way you turn, whether you take to the air, land or sea in the standard game or via the included expansion, Just Cause 3 delivers the goods.

It’s one of those games which you’d be crazy to miss – and now it is priced at just £8.00, it’s all a bit of a no-brainer.

Leave – The Sims 4 – 50% off – £22.50

We may be seeing a massive 50% off the price of The Sims 4, but when a game is so focused on extra content – content that is itself discounted – then it really doesn’t take long for that price to rise again.

And that is the problem with The Sims 4. A decent game and most certainly one that can see many hours dropped into it as you go about helping your useless Sims make a decent fist of life, it won’t be long before you get tempted in to buying the Cool Kitchen Stuff, the Romantic Garden Stuff, the Luxury Party Stuff or the City Living add-on. And all of those additions – and a whole ton more – will require a considerable amount of cash thrown in again. Of course, if you think you can get away with the base game alone, then go for it, give it a shot. But just be aware of the big content push it brings.


So, there we have it. A look at the best and worst of the Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale for 8th-15th May 2018. Don’t forget, if you wish to save a bit more money in the process, then make sure you head to CDKeys and grab some of their cheap Xbox Live Credit.

For the full run down of discounted Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles made available then check out the entire list right here. Let us know what you grab in the comments below!

Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Details 8th-15th May 2018

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