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Which of this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold bargains should you pick up? – 9th Feb 2016


It’s that time again where there’s another set of bargains to take a look at in the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight sale. So, let us share our thoughts with you on the deals in place between the 9th and 15th February 2016, before you make those vital decisions on what games to purchase this week.

We don’t think it’ll take too long as there are fewer deals than last week, but sometimes less is more if the quality is high. Unfortunately it’s rather tricky to pick out many real bargains that are worth picking up however, here’s what we’ve come up with.

Grab – Pinball FX2 Deadpool Table – 50% off – £1.20/£1.19 – Xbox One & Xbox 360

Considering that the long awaited Deadpool movie is due out in the cinemas this week, the Pinball FX2 table based on the Deadpool character is the cheapest way to get your gaming fix of the ‘Merc with a mouth’. Zen Studios have a pretty good reputation for converting comic characters into pinball tables and so, for £1.20 this seems like a no brainer to boost your back catalogue in Pinball FX2.

Should you need any more reason to buy it, just remember it’s Deadpool. Let’s be honest, you’ll probably love it as much as he loves himself!

Grab – Skate. and Skate 2 – £4.94 – Xbox 360

Although the whole trilogy of Skate games is in the sale, Skate 3 represents the best option due to its super low price. Fans of the skateboarding genre can experience a world completely different to that seen in the Tony Hawk’s series. Take on team challenges and shred the streets in the city of Port Carverton.

If the thought of going back to the 360 to play this gives you shivers, then just think that one day it could end up in the Backwards Compatibility scheme, thus making it a sound investment.

Edit: We originally had Skate 3 in here as a £3.74 purchase. It has however now been removed from the sale so we’ve updated to include the other two Skate games instead. You can’t go wrong with either of those!

Leave – NBA 2K16 – 33% off – £36.84 – Xbox One

We can’t possibly let you pay the general retail price for a five month old game because that’s not what we’d call a bargain. This isn’t a knock on the game at all; it’s more us saying that the discount sucks and in the shops it’ll probably be priced lower. There are a couple of NBA 2K16 VC (in-game currency) packs in the sale too but why anyone would pay for currency, which can be earned with a sprinkle of hard work, is madness.

Steer clear of those World of Tanks currency packs as well!

As is always the case, you can find the full Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale right here. If you do fancy getting involved with one or two of them, then head over to CDKeys and pick yourself up some super cheap Xbox Live credit.

Let us know what you pick up in the comments below.

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Anthony Atom
7 years ago

Is Skate 3 only on sale outside the states? I show only Skate 2 and the first Skate on sale.

Reply to  Anthony Atom
7 years ago

Seems it’s been taken off. We now also only see the first two on sale.

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