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Which of this week’s Xbox Live Deals With Gold sale bargains should you pick up? – 1st August 2017


The start of the month sees the Xbox Games With Gold scheme deliver new free games to all Xbox gamers. But the start of August also signifies the start of a new set of weekly bargains found in the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight sale, with a whole host of discounts placed on Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. But unless you’re a mega-rich billionaire, chances are you won’t be able to afford to purchase every single game that is available at these rock bottom prices. So we’ve taken a look at the best and worst of the offers on the table for this week.

Don’t forget, whilst the Deals With Gold sale in itself is available to save you cash, in order to get even bigger discounts, you should be heading to CDKeys and purchasing some of their cheap Xbox Live Credit before you commit to buying any game. The more money you can save, the better!

GrabAaero – 33% off – £8.03

If you were to ask me what is the best music/rhythm title on Xbox One, I’d have to say it is the awesome Disney Fantasia Music Evolved. But boy, does Aaero push it damn close.

Strapping yourself into a small ship, and blasting across the surface of alien planets may sound like nothing new, but when you combine a super slick, highly impressive control system with some stunning shooting mechanics and a soundtrack that delivers nothing less than banging beats, you’ll quickly understand why Aaero is so well thought of.

It brings bright lights, it brings plenty of replayability and it brings a test that is very much like no other.

So grab your cans, turn the volume up to 11 and get ready to experience something very special. Aaero is stunning. And with a discounted asking price, should be right at the top of your wanted list.

GrabSky Force Anniversary – 30% off – £5.39

If you want a stunning blast through the past, then Sky Force Anniversary is for you.

The indie shmup first released a decade ago, but now it is here and delivering plenty of destruction to modern day gamers. Combining modern visuals with some classic shoot em up gameplay, Sky Force is an indie fan’s dream title, providing you with plenty of content, plenty of vibrancy and an upgrade system that just urges you to keep playing more and more.

Oh, and this week sees a decent discount take hold, bringing Infinite Dreams’ shooter down to a must-have, must-play price. It very nearly took full marks in our review when it first released on Xbox One last December, so if you didn’t get in on the action then, now is the time to shine.

TempterINSIDE & LIMBO Bundle – 50% off – £12.00

If there are two games that you must play in your life, then they would be LIMBO and INSIDE.

From Playdead, both games delivers experiences very much like no other – and any others that do try to go up against these giants, will see themselves coming away as losers.

So why is the INSIDE/LIMBO Double pack only slightly tempting? Well, LIMBO itself was gifted for free to many Xbox One owners – negating the need to pay for it, and can currently be found as part of the Xbox Game Pass that many new console owners would no doubt find themselves subscribing towards.

Which therefore effectively leaves just a small discount on INSIDE. Yes, if you haven’t played either game, have neither of them in your library and wish to enjoy some of the best gameplay experiences on Xbox One, then go and grab it. But it would be nice to see the price dropped a little more.

LeaveTekken 7 – Deluxe Edition – 25% off – £52.49

How much? More than £50 for a game that has struggled to really wow the crowds? Even if it is the Deluxe version? No thanks.

Tekken 7 needs a bigger discount than this in order for us to really urge you to get involved. With the basic gameplay never really drawing in the acclaim that many expected, and a Story mode that restricts you in many ways, it may well be said that Tekken 7 isn’t worth the cash asked of it.

Granted, as a fighter, there are few equals, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to a great gaming experience and for all the want in the world, I’m struggling to sit here and justify the ‘discounted’ £52.49 price tag. Yeah, so you get a few new characters, and a whole ton of costumes, but is that really what we want? Throw a bigger discount percentage in and we can start talking.

So there we have it, our thoughts on the best and worst offers found in the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight sale for 1st-7th August 2017. Anything we missed out that you feel others should be taking a look at? Let us know in the comments below.

You can find the Deals With Gold discount list on the link below.

Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Details 1st-7th August 2017

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