Got a little spare cash sitting in your wallet? Fancy buying a new game? Well, the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale is your best chance of grabbing some superb games at even better prices. But which of the multitude of Xbox games discounted over the next week or so are worth picking up, and which are worth leaving well alone? We take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly of the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 11th-17th September 2018.

Grab – UNO – 50% off – £4.00

Yep, there may not be the ‘enjoyment’ found in the vidoegaming version of UNO as we had years ago with the advent of the Kinect technology, but there is no debate – UNO is great fun. And with it seeing its price cut straight down the middle, that fun has never been cheaper.

One of the most classic of card games, if you wish to sit back alone or play cards with friends, UNO is the ultimate experience to take in. With a variety of rules present, and the addition of theme packs should you wish to splash a little more cash, this is one card game that will have you going back for more time and time again, matching numbers and colours like it is going out of fashion.

With just a £4 price point in place for the next week, if you haven’t yet got on the UNO train, then now is the prime time to get involved.

TempterBattlefield Anniversary Bundle – 75% off – £22.50

I’m sorely tempted to put this bundle of Battlefield titles straight in the Grab section, just because the amount of content included, and the great reduction in price that it comes with, is stunning. But I won’t, and I’ll hold back and drop the Battlefield Anniversary Bundle in here as a tempter.

But why? Well, because that is exactly what it is, hugely tempting. Combining three great Battlefield titles in one bundle is decent in itself, but when you add in the huge amount of extra content that is being included too, then this is most definitely something that should appeal to a wide range of folk.

If you haven’t yet bought Battlefield 1, wish to play Battlefield 4, and fancy taking a peek at Battlefield: Hardline, then this is the pack for you. In fact, even if you do already have one of those games to hand, but just wish to go a bit deeper than previous with the included premium editions and the content they include, then the £20 ish price allows for it.

Yep, these will all soon be overlooked for the brilliance of Battlefield V, but in the meantime…

Leave – Train Sim World – 30% off – £27.99

If truth be told, I’m struggling a little to find a really bad deal this week. Granted, the whole premise of the Deals With Gold sale is to deliver great discounts to Xbox gamers wishing to line their pockets with super cheap games. And whilst that isn’t something that is happening this week – with a lack of real pocket money purchases available – the other end of the scale is also lacking in bad deals.

One that does stand out a bit though is that of Train Sim World with just a ‘small’ 30% price cut. In the grand scheme of things, this sees the rather niche simulated world of railways struggle to really cut through the other great offers on the table, and with a recent release happening just a few weeks back, chances are we’ll be seeing this discounted to lower levels rather soon.

It is for that reason you should leave a purchase of Train Sim World alone at this time.


If you wish to take a peek at the full list of discounts available, then the article right here will be able to sort you out. Once you have, if something takes your fancy, the team at CDKeys will happily provide you with some cheap Xbox Live Credit, allowing your cash to go even further.


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