Gamescom has come and gone, showing us plenty of reasons to be excited at upcoming releases along the way, but what about the current games already available to us? What about having some of those fine titles available to us at reduced price? Well, with the weekly Xbox Live Deals With Gold now refreshed for another seven days, that’s exactly what we have. So let’s take a look into this week’s offers to see which titles are worth our cash and which ones we should be leaving behind.

GrabOxenfree – 75% off – £4.00

If you’re a fan of story adventures, appreciate a good bargain and love choice in your games, then there really is no better deal this week than the fantastic Oxenfree. This supernatural thriller takes players on an adventure with a group of friends who unwittingly open a ghost rift during an overnight party on an old military island. With some fantastic storytelling, plenty of choices to make that impact the game and replayability with a different experience second time around, this is certainly a game that shouldn’t be missed at such a bargain price. Just make sure you have your hankie ready as this is an emotional adventure.

GrabThe Surge – 75% off – £10.00

None of us are strangers to the action-RPG genre thanks to the likes of Dark Souls illuminating headlines for years, but there are some other rather fantastic games out there that certainly do the genre justice, one such title being Deck 13’s The Surge.

The Surge pits players into the shoes of a new employee on his very first day in the job at the megacorporation saving the world, CREO, but after a catastrophic event knocks him unconscious, he wakes up equipped with a heavy-grade exoskeleton, whilst his co-workers have turned into insane augmented machines. With them all hot on your tail and rogue AI trying to kill you at every opportunity, it’s going to take all your cunning, skills and patience if you hope to survive The Surge, especially with its Souls-like combat and difficulty making an appearance.

TempterFinal Fantasy XV Royal Edition – 60% off – £16.00

It’s not the cheapest deal you’ll find this week, but there’s no denying the value on offer. With all previously released DLC included Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition brings about an incredible 50+ hour adventure as players mount a resistance against the invasive forces of the Niflheim. With four extra episodes including Episodes Duscae, Gladioulus, Ignis and Prompto, players will have plenty of quests to enjoy with this classic Final Fantasy adventure, and with one of the most beautiful game worlds on Xbox One, there is certainly plenty to appreciate when you jump in, and that’s besides having a ton of great content for such a small price.

LeaveOverwatch Legendary Edition – 50% off – £25.00

It may be one of the most popular competitive shooters out there, but can we really justify paying so much for a game that has already been out for two years? I mean it’s hardly bargain of the week now is it. Sure, there is still a keen player base populating things and if you’ve yet to jump into Overwatch and fancy finally seeing what all the hype was about then you certainly wouldn’t be disappointed jumping in now, but with many other fantastic deals on offer this week, it’s hard to recommend Overwatch over the other offers currently available.

So, there we have it, another week of fantastic Xbox Live Deals With Gold, and our choices of which ones deserve your hard earned cash. Will you be picking up any of this week’s deals? Let us know in the comments below or via our usual social channels and don’t forget to head on over to CDkeys to save a little more with some super cheap Xbox Live credit.


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