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We get it – you’re totally over the whole Cyberpunk thing and just want to ignore any further games that roll out in the genre. Fully understandable. But if you do that you may just miss out on a little gem. Whisper Trip on Xbox could well be that. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, along with a release on PC through Steam where it’s been for a little while already, Whisper Trip is a cyberpunk fuelled, cooperative side scrolling action affair in which you find yourself dropped into the boots of a TPF agent. The problem is, you’re pretty green and not even aware of what TPF stands for. 

Your first few days in the Tactical Police Force are therefore set to be tough ones, as you join the anti-terrorist group and go about taking down any form of evil you happen across. 

Thankfully, you’re fully geared up, equipped with some serious weaponry in which your faithful katana stands out. Slicing, dicing and pretty much pretending you’re a Shadow Warrior 3 Lo Wang wannabe is how Whisper Trip then plays out. 

There’s a narrative to take in too though and much like most that kick around in the gaming scene, this will twist this way and that until your head is in a spin. 

We’ve seen enough of the Whisper Trip announcement trailer which accompanied the PC release to be of the understanding that this one could well slice deep. We just hope that the mixed reaction it has received on Steam has ensured a bit of dev work prior to the release on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Stay tuned for our full review in order to find out. 

For now, you can grab Whisper Trip from the Xbox Store. The measly £4.19 asking price should mean this is a bit of a tempter. 

Game Description:

Whisper Trip is a fast cooperative action side-scroller with a touch of cyberpunk. You’re a newly recruited TPF agent. Who just learned that TPF stands for Tactical Police Force – an anti-terrorist squad with an obvious mission to eliminate criminal groups… Katanas… Who does not like those curved blades? Especially the thermal katanas ready to slash anyone or anything in a split second? But beware of your enemies; they aren’t stupid and they are unique in their own pecular way. You will learn to treat them as equals; and invent a special approach to each. Cut them as regular chickens, evade their lunges, repel their bullets, adapt yourself, and listen carefully…. You will soon find out the benefits of cooperation with your partner. Do not hesitate to ask your trusted fellow agent to help you out of this mess. This story is rich with unexpected twists and turns, where each move leads to profound consequences… Think before you act!

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