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Whispering Willows launch date and trailer revealed!


Whispering Willows is coming…sooner than you may think!

The haunting adventure horror title from Abstraction Games and Night Light Interactive will release on Xbox One, Google Play Store and the App Store come August 12th 2015. You’ll find a Wii U version dropping shortly after.

As one of the best reviewed games on that beloved Ouya system, Whispering Willows brings a compelling, rich narrative filled with stunning hand-painted 2D visuals. You take on the role of Elena, a young girl who is trying to solve the mystery of her missing father…thankfully she possesses some extraordinary abilities!

Help Elena use her astral projection power to solve puzzles, help lost spirits, and uncover the mysteries behind her missing father.

If you’d like to know more, check out our exclusive Q&A interview with two of the guys behind Whispering Willows. It’s a rather good read!


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