apex legends review xbox one 2

Anybody who has played Apex Legends will know that this game has taken the whole battle royale concept up a level. The title was released for Xbox One, PS4 and PC just over a month ago, and it has already clocked up a staggering 50 million registered users. The ultra-speedy gameplay and cool multiplayer action has meant that Apex Legends is also a real contender for being one of the most promising esports.

Whilst other battle royale games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can often get a little boring, Apex Legends offers a great spectator experience and it has started to kick Fortnite off from the top of the Twitch charts over the past few days. As players have started to get to get used to the awesome playing dynamic of Apex Legends, it’s interesting to see how many of the world’s most successful esports teams have started getting in on the action.

Just last week we saw the likes of 100 Thieves, NRG and Gen.G all getting involved in Apex Legends by assembling their own teams for the Respawn Entertainment title. And what’s particularly interesting is the fact that Team Liquid have taken the controversial move to shift all of their Call of Duty team over to Apex Legends.

This follows moves such as those of Gen.G who have created a new Apex squad that includes stars of the Overwatch League and Team Fortress 2 world. Whereas the new Apex Legends team from 100 Thieves will see familiar faces from their Overwatch and H1Z1 sides.

Obviously it’s not just the awesome gameplay of Apex Legends that is encouraging the world’s biggest esports team to get involved. This is because Respawn have repeatedly made big claims that they are going to provide the ultimate competitive gaming experience. Thanks to some great viewing figures on Twitch, we can expect to see moves made to develop an Apex Legends professional league in the coming months.

Respawn have already found success with their Twitch Rivals tournaments that were quickly rolled out after the launch of Apex Legends in early February 2019. So does Respawn’s future plans mean that we can start to see Apex Legends gaming contests appearing in the odds as sites like liveesportsbetting.com? At the moment, it’s still early days, but it’s hoped that Respawn might follow a similar path as was taken by Epic with their Fortnite esports tournaments.

Fortnite was another overnight success and it introduced a $100 million for tournament prize pools in order to give the major esports teams some kind of financial reward for getting involved. This was followed up by the well-received Fortnite World Cup that was introduced in July 2018, and such efforts could highlight how things could work out for Apex Legends competitive gaming tournaments.

The fact that iconic esports teams like 100 Thieves are already assembling their Apex Legends squads is a powerful indication that Epic could soon be launching their first proper competitive gaming league structure. It will be interesting to see whether this would follow on from the likes of the Overwatch League that has based its format on traditional sports leagues like the NFL.

Such formats have already proven to be successful in terms of attracting big name sponsors, and it could help overcome sometimes fragmented tournament structures that have occasionally proven troublesome for the likes of Counter Strike Global Offensive. But whether you are playing Apex Legends on your Xbox, or are watching the Twitch streams of the best esports teams, there is no denying that Apex Legends could be the big news of 2019.